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Then why don't they simply make products with better specs, since you said that skilled workers are just like western workers.

My point still remains, why is it that western europe, with it's high costs, is still exporting ?

I'm pretty sure that companies who choose to have their factories in western countries instead of China, don't do it because of pollution.

Got that Fury card from SapphireEd yet?

Because there is a market for cheap crap. Excellence is not a necessity. However, I believe you may be confusing a crappy manufacturing process (driven by market) to be the same thing as an individual worker's crappy skill. Or maybe I understood you incorrectly and you didn't mean Chinese uneducated persons are less skillful then, let's say, Norwegian uneducated persons?

What does the western Europe export to China? Certainly not electronics. Mechanics then? I doubt it. And then also why is China also still exporting to everyone else?

Western Europe is still exporting due to established branding and customer relations. Often enough, it is exporting re-branded products made in China, or made from parts made in China, or whoever delivers a product of sufficient quality (mind you, sufficient, but not excellent quality) at the cheapest price possible.

No, but because of the costs and risks of setting up a remote factory and maintaining control over it. For example, a company culture may require the same culture to exist also remotely, and this has often proven very difficult to establish. There is also a matter of both material and end-product transport prices, and customs. If you export to US, then it makes more sense to have a factory in Mexico, then in China. There is also a matter of cultural differences, and also corruption of officials, occasionally shaky regional politics, and a risk of corruption with highly positioned personnel within a remote factory. Not one of these things has anything to do with worker skills.

I wasn't saying that there is no market for cheap crap. I was simply asking why China can't make both cheap crap and quality products.

Thanks for the explanation.

"Come to our LAN event so we can punch you."
You're so cool Logan.

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Guys you have to break down and learn Blender for video editing. You don't have to pay for 1080p or 4K and it comes with the codecs you're used to. It can be setup so that it isn't so different from premiere, you have to take the time and learn it though. Make some of your low profile videos in it. All of your videos that you have made I can think of a way to use Blender to make!

PS - Download the version from their website not the package manager (unless you're in a rolling release OS like Arch Linux where you always have the latest software), otherwise you won't get the latest codecs.

I learnt blender out of interest. Its not really that hard to use. I do now respect the time and effort that goes into editing video.

Anyone whats to check out blender I found


interesting, didn't know they talked, some kind of colab in teh future?

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I think with advent of social-media, many tech Youtubers probably communicate on friendly terms with one another (especially in relation to 'sounding-boards' on their own content)

The collaboration with Barnacules, and Jay is a prime example.

Yer but there a pair of dick holes :)

I thought only Jay was a dick hole XD

there all dickholes, on an unrelated note, @Wendell @Logan @DeusQain, when will you guys upload a new video for the linux channel?

When you fellas were talking about making a hard mouse pads. Back in 2004 I could not find a mouse pad I liked at all, and I don't know what made me think of using my 5star notebook cover but I did. I didn't use the front side I used the back side of the hard plastic and it was like using an air hockey table, so freakin smooth. Unfortunately I think they changed the material cause I could not replicate the same feel using a newer one. I did want to market this idea myself but I didn't have the resources or money and couldn't find that plastic anywhere, I even tried McMaster Carr. So what I ended up doing is sending Razer this idea back in 2006, now I see that material in some mouse pads like the Razer Sphex.

I guess the ball will keep rolling until enough people realize the said facts in this video and the inbox are true and need to be taken seriously


As ACDC would say, I believe my big balls should be held every night !

I used this as a nas many moons ago.

Any one remember this motherboard?

no idea but I have a couple of abit Vp6 with via apollo chipset and highpoint raid onboard, and a pci sata adapter for 2 newer drives, + 6 IDE drives (no raid), on 2 x 1ghz P3 Coppermine and 2GB 133 ECC SDRAM, on Windows home server (the first version) for a few years. The main OS HDD died 2 years ago and now I think I'll move it to linux so I can transfer media online too, safely.

very little of the films were filmed in portland. Most were in vancouver bc I believe. Also, you'll be searching for a while if you're looking for "twihards" here. At least I don't know any.

AMD is an essential part of the Big Picture. The essential item to know and understand is, behind the scenes of the end products we use daily, there is a war going on. This war is not comparable to the war format that I have experienced as a former military member. This Corporate Information and Operations War, has NO rules. How can I say that? Easy.. how many high paid teams of attorney's do you see cruising around a war zone. Getting to the point, without AMD, I could see an utter lack of creativity by the other party. The logic of history speaks volumes, adapt or die. In the meantime, the world keeps turning, and using the resources available at the time that best suit your needs/wants, is the logical answer to the question.

Without AMD(scenario in question being if they were to crumble under the debt they've incurred) we'd likely see Intel and nVidia picking apart all that is left and then rushing toward out-doing one another. Intel has tried to get involved in the dGPU market before, and nVidia has the CPU market with their x86 emulation. Intel would likely snatch up the Radeon Technologies Group and ATI assets, while nVidia would be going after their CPU division and AMD_64 - they'd have to renegotiate with Intel, so other competitors can't establish x86 licenses and then we'd probably see comeptition in that sense. Intel CPUs and GPUs vs nVidia's CPU's and GPU's. For AMD to stay in the market as it is - they need a huge hit with Arctic Islands, Zen, and their endeavors or to be bought out by a US company with resources abound. Xilinx could take on AMD or Apple. Samsung would be preferred, but Samsung would never be allowed due to them being a foreign company. FTC would never allow it. Gotta hope that AMD has a lot of success, otherwise the top scenario is the most likely. Interesting few years to come, at the least!

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