Inactive Hard Drive

I recently built a system with a 120gb SSD and a 2tb Seagate HDD. I was planning on using the ssd for the operating system and possibly some games like skyrim which have long loading times. But after installing my OS onto my SSD, my other hard drive was not recognized by windows. The hard drive was recognized in my BIOS, and in seatools, but not in windows. I was wondering if there is any way to get the hard drive to be active?

try that to start off with

I had this happen with a HD once, I had to manually mount it and give it a drive letter

right click computer and hit manage, click on disk management on the left side, right click the drive and select change drive letter and paths, then just assign a letter and you should be good to go.

Oh thanks a lot, and should it just show up as New Volume (whatever letter)?

If the disk name is New Volume then yes