In the Market for On the Go Headphones

I'm currently in the market for some quality headphones that I can use to walk around my college campus, and do stuff like travelling with. Currently the headphones I have are open so they are not good for public use (HE-500, HD700, DT880). I need something closed back so I don't let other people hear my music. I'm not a huge fan of IEM's unless I'm working out. I'd prefer over ear. On ears have always made my ears hurt. I'm actually not a huge fan of the Sennheiser sound. Right now I've been debating on the Beyerdynamic T70p. Do y'all have any good recommendations?

HP100 for a cheaper option, and Mr. Speaker's Alpha Dogs for an option roughly the same price as the T70p. Alpha Dogs are supposed to be absolutely amazing.

I'll take a look.