In the market for a GPU for a new build - advice?

Hey all, 

I've just put together a new pc build and all is going well so far (specs at bottom)

I'm in the market for a GPU for this build, but just can't seem to narrow it down properly... Any advice or any suggestions that I might not have thought about/come across would be great. 

I don't want to spend any more than around £150, and will be using it for gaming mostly, plus some photoshop and video editing.  Am currently thinking about the evga gtx750ti 2gb FTW. Anyone got one and can recommend maybe?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!


Current Specs

Gigabyte z97mx Gaming 5 Mobo

intel i5 4460 & H60 cooler

8gb corsair Vengeance 1866mhz ram

Corsair Carbide air 240 case

The Twin Frozr R9 280 will be the best card you can buy that is compatible with your case for under 150. You should be able to leverage OpenGL for the AMD cards in certain programs, unlike NVidia cards that use CUDA acceleration that AMD does not offer.