In the desperate search for a mouse

It's been a year or so that I've been dealing with this god damn Razer Death Adder, and I'm not a fan, I'm not sure if it's the grip type or what but I don't like it. Now the right click is incredibly sensitive, so that gives me an excuse to get rid of this goddamn thing.

Now I do have a mouse in mind; it's this Alienware TactX mouse!

Now I know the reaction "Eww it's Alienware!" BUT! It's the most comfortable damn mouse I've ever had. I would like another one of these, but the mouse is based of a discontinued Logitech G9. 

From there the trail is lost, if someone could offer me a more modern mouse that's within the blood line, I would love you forever. Hell if you could even offer a similar grip mouse that would be awesome!

why not just buy the one you mentioned that you wanted?

I don't see where it says discontinued. Seems you can just buy a G9 also

logitech g502 might fit the bill

comfort trumps all

I'd look at the Mionix NAOS 8200... I own one... love it... it's VERY right handed though

if you get the mionix naos, get the 7000, not the 8200. The 7000 is a better sensor.