In the airport going home from the securi-tay conference

So many hours left of travel :'( waiting for my gate to display in 10 minutes.

Has anyone been to securi-tay? It's a student run hacking and forensics conference in Scotland. Lots of good stuff this year (plus free food and booze!).

There's was an interesting thing on a lsm (linux security modeul) for application based secuirty controls (verses somthing like selinux) looks interesting but a way off in my opinion from usable. I forget the name right now, if anyone's interested I'll look it up later.

Greatscottgadgets is working on a new hardware hacking platform, it looks like it'll be pretty great, if its anything of the quality of their jackrf its worth keeping an eye on if your interested in that stuff.


Flight hasent even landed yet. Supposed to have left 10 minutes ago.. Awesome.

Too bad it's a long way to Scotland. Do you know if they record and upload the talks somewhere?

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They have the talks recorded I'm not sure if they upload them. Might be with checking YouTube for Securitay but the talks from the last two days likely aren't up yet.

My flight landed.... The terminal is closed were stuck on the plane until they open the terminal :/

Wow, you got really unlucky.

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Got to my next leg thankfully

Here is the program based acl I mentioned

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Wow, sounds interesting. I'll keep it in mind if I happen to be in that part of the world.

It sounds like it's a fairly "in the weeds" sort of conference, but did you see anything that pertained to some of the larger issues we get into here on the forum? TOR, VPNs, the Apple thing? I'm particularly interested in upcoming security apps and tech. I think it's going to be a busy couple of years in IT security.

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I missed some of the talks as i was doing other related stuff there. They did have a lightning talk on the FBI apple stuff.

The memory forensics was interesting though not overly in depth a good intro for those who didn't know it.

The hardware hacking was very good and from the guys who make the hackrf.

There was a talk on post snowden communication (secure messaging) I missed that though so couldn't say on its well doneness.

There's a list here
It doesn't include the lightning talks which we as set up to run day two so you coudlnt register to do a talk for it.

Its primarily a mix of industry and student led talks around security and forensics based fields. I've been twice and its been interesting both times. (The after party is fun also)

I'm also on the second last leg of my journey home. Eta 2 hours.