In search for a keyboard


I am using a laptop for 3 years now, a new computer is coming ( *note that the keyboard on the list is only a consideration.

I'm used to the scissor style laptop keyboard. I think mechanical would be bad for me, maybe I'll need to get used to it. Membrane feels dull in a way. Here's what my dream keyboard should be:

  • Low profile
  • Wide keys (minimum spacing between the keys, like with scissor!)
  • Durable
  • For gaming, not ergonomic.
  • Easy to press
  • Black silver/white colours preferred.
  • Has sound options (FN or without)
  • Red switches?

I think I'll go with a mechanical. But the keys are just too far away from each other for me to snipe it. When I use an old mechanical keyboard, I miss the key and hit the edge of it and that is a terrible feel. I don't use macros, so I don't really need them, but if there is any, it wont be wasted.

In my search I found these that I took for a consideration:

  1. SteelSeries Apex RAW
  2. Mionix Zibal 60
  3. ROCCAT Isku FX
  4. Microsoft SIDEWINDER X4
  5. Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Rapid (although is too short, but I like it)

With any cherry MX keys you can replace the keycaps so you could look for wide flat key caps and just get any MX red keyboard. I have the Corsair K95 and it is so smooth sounds like what you want in the red keys. But you don't need macros so something like the K70 would be better. I also love the look of Filco keyboards but they are expensive and hard to come by.

I mean, I use a $10 dollar Microsoft keyboard for typing and gaming, and have bought various iterations of their low-end keyboards for the better part of the past 20 years. I would recommend buying a good mouse with the savings, it will have more noticeable of an impact. 

CM Storm Spawn mouse is my choice, but I have the budget for a mid-range gaming keyboard.

Cool, I'm almost certain I'll buy a K70. Although I have no idea where to find custom keys.

K70 and K95 are coming being updated if you want to wait a month or 2

I agree with NicKF, cheaper keyboard, better mouse

I'm using a Logitech TK820 (this one) which comes bundled with a trackpad. It's nice when you just want to lean back and browse the web. If you don't need a full keyboard you might consider Microsoft Arc, or something smaller, and later if you need macros or things like that, get a G13 or Nostromo

I don't agree.

The difference between a cheap and an expensive mouse is very subtle, unless the cheap mouse is really bad (and there are good cheap mice).

The difference between a membrane keyboard and a mechanical one is huge.

I currently use a cheap and old Tunex mouse, which I switch back from  brand new Tracer just for the optical sensor and palm-style grip. It's not comfortable for long time use, but way better for my hand.

And I'm going with the Corsair K70 and CM Storm Spawn.