In need of new GPU for video editing

Hello evryone

I am a Filmmaker and Video editor vased in London, UK. I have a editing desktop, with a phenom 2 955 black edition a MSI motherboard wich name I cant remenber, but was in the expnsive side when I bought it 3 years ago, and until a couple of months I had a Nvidia Quadro 600 that decided to comited suicide by overheating with a broken fan. I want to replace it but my budget is very limited, and if possible I wanted to improve it.

My main editing program is Premiere cs5 with some after effects for bits and pieces but nothing to demanding, and the ocassional photoshop. up until now rendering was fast and without problems. but I have a major documentary that is to heavy for my laptop so I need a replacement on the cheap. I know nvidia quadro are the best for adobe, but the prices if you compare with amd are much more painful.

ny good advice is welcome.



What's your budget?

as little as possible, but being realist not much more than 150£, 200£ tops.

I think the AMD Radeon 7870 would be the way to go - the 600 series seems to lack in terms of video editing performance from what i've read, I may be wrong.

If you require CUDA you could grab the 660TI, but otherwise definately get yourself a 7870.

It's around £180-220. If that's a little high you could settle for a 7850 which is a step down at around £130-160.

CS5 (and CS6 on windows) support cuda so i'd reccomend Nvidia