In need of help badly

Couldn't really find an exact forum for this, so I chose the closest one.


Most of the guys in our family are very PC literate and knows almost everything there is to know, but this one is really kicking our ass.

We built my father a PC back in Feb of this year, it's been problems ever since. At first all the browsers would constantly crash, Windows would lock up, tons of Windows errors. Replaced the ram and it was good for a few weeks. Now it's just slow as a turtle, trying to browse the web results in the PC constantly locking up, Windows freezes a ton, it takes almost a minute for the browser to open up,. BUT games run absolutely fine, I can max out BF3 without it freezing, lagging, or even skipping a beat, same with every other game installed on this computer at the moment, any advice or help would be appreciated, here's the specs. 

Edit: We have reinstalled Windows 7 4-5 times, that fixes the problem for about a week.

MSI 760GM-E51 mobo

AMD-FX 6300 @ stock clocks

2x4GB of PNY XLR8 1333 ram (Orignally had Corsair Vengeance LP)

WD Green 1TB HD


some 500W raidmax psu that came with the case.

tons of fans with lights and stuff

any chance the hdd is failing the ws greens dont seem to have the best rep out there compared to the blues and blacks

That's what I was thinking, I brought over one of my hard drives today, I'll wait for a little more feedback on what it could possibly be before I tinker with anything.

Have you tried another HDD? Greens are devil spawn and should be removed from all pits of the Earth and sent into the Sun.

Gang green, ha, cut it off...sorry its Friday and I've been drinking. Does the mobo have the lattest bios for the Vishera cpu?

Yeah it does.

Could try a linux livecd to see if there is something failing between windows and the hardware. By that I mean to see if the issue is cross os platform. 

So here's an update from what's happened. I replaced the hard drive and dropped mine in, reinstalled Win7, and it's running decent, Windows is still stupid slow from time to time, but web browsing doesn't seem to be slow.