In need of advices

I'm using a Custom One Pro (Not yet converted) and I'm kinda interested to get a DT880 Premium as a desktop headset. One thing I'm very worry about is that I can't hear much difference. I usually listen to songs from Blue Stahli and Celldweller with my bass ports opened to max.

I spent only US $120 for my Custom One Pro (new) and a DT880 Premium will cost me at least US $280 not including an AMP. I'm afraid that I will be sorely disappointed after spending so much. Advice me please, thanks.

I just bought DT 990 250 Ohm.

I'm using them with my MSI gaming Z87 mitx, which has a 300 Ohm amp built in. I changed from a pair of Sony V-55 (the DJ ones).

The biggest difference is the soundstage.
The biggest disadvantage is having to listen to poor audio recording (before I didn't really hear it). Its shocking how much audio is poorly recorded, I really was a peasant....

I have never used Custom One Pros, but I have used other sub £200 sets, and nothing was as good all around. Its great for Films, Gaming, etc. When I plug it into my Vita it doesn't sound very good though. I think the impedance is too high.#

I think they're the kind of sets you leave at your desktop, or buy a portable amp.

I plug them into my Guitar amp sometimes. It really sounds deep. I would never go back to something cheap again.

I started to hear the bad audio quality as soon as I jumped from a Samsung IEMs and Corsair Vengeance 1500. I also noticed that DT990 is cheaper and I'm less likely to grief as hard if I don't like the sound.

Other than the bad audio quality, do you hear any difference? Especially in my kind of music.

I'm no audiophile... I notice a big difference when I change setting on equalizes etc, so I'm guessing you can pretty much setup the headphones for whatever your listening to.

I'm enjoying the 990s, I paid £100 for them. They're so cheap its hard not to justify, I didn't have to buy an amp though.

People have complains about though. I guess its so subjective its impossible to tell whether or not its worth it.