In need of a USB Mic

Hey everyone,

Well, my PC mic situation is a little desperate. Normally, I use a Logitech headset I have. I on use the mic off of it and simply wear it around my neck and use my Sennheisers when I game. Surprisingly, this works really well and the audio quality of the mic is surprisingly good. Until today when (don't ask) I snapped the boom of the headset.

So I'm in need of a new microphone for gaming. I need it to be USB as I game on several devices some of which don't have a 3.5mm mic jack and I don't feel like carrying around a splitter for my laptop which uses a mic/headphone combo jack. So USB please. 

It also needs to be fairly cheap. Looking to spend less than $45 here. (Hopefully quite a bit less) and I want decent audio quality but it doesn't need to be pro level. A mic that eliminated some background noise would be nice but it isn't essential. 


Most dedicated microphones that are USB will be on a stand (Meaning they will be placed on your desk). The Blue Snowball Ice is pretty decent and it's in that price range. Most stand alone USB mics will perform better than gaming headset microphones and usb mics also tend to have much less crackle than the 3.5mm. Really you can pick up almost anything and It'll work pretty well.

The Blue snowflake works well and it mounts to a screen or sits on desk.

Thanks guys. I was looking at both of those. 

Any reason to choose one over the other? (Between the Snowball and the Snowflake)

Anyone with personal experience with either of these or other suggestions feel free to jump in.

Snowflake appears to be more directional than the Snowball, but is much much smaller and more convinient if you're carrying it around. The snowball has openings in the rear which pick up more of the ambient sound and give more of a natural tone (Like you're in the room with them) but it isn't fully omnidirectional either.

Edit: I own the Snowball 

Seems to be a good option as well, it's omni directional more so than the Snowball.

Like i said earlier, would be hard to get a mic with worse quality than a gaming headset.

Thanks everyone. I'm gonna wait a bit and see if anyone recommends anything else then weigh my options but I'm probably gonna get the Snowflake. 

Love this mic that I bought before knowing anything about mics....but it sounds amazing for voice, it's cheap, and yes, it comes in black.