In need of a new viewing experience, which would you choose?

Hey Logan,

For the past 5-6 years now I've stuck with just a plain, low end 1080p monitor to use for my gaming experience. Recently I've been getting the upgrade itch with all the new tech coming out and I just cant decide what I want to go with and which will have the best experience for me. I've been debating between an asus 144hz monitor with 3D capabilities or buying 2 more plain 1080p monitors and doing tri-way gaming. I've looked at the pros of each and both look like a totaly new and awesome experience but I just cant decide. Could you shed some more light on the two options and tell me which you would go with?

Thanks and for your payment I'll send you a beer sometime, hell if you help me make up my mind I might just send you a whole case.


P.S. Dont worry about the system requirments it will take to run either of the options above, I've got that covered.

you could go with 2 more moniters for eyefinity or nvidia surround but personally I would go with a 2560x1600 or 2560x1440 moniter or even a 21:9 moniter because I like single moniter gaming better its less of a hassle and looks nice without worrying about the moniter bezzel.

Whatever you're getting, try to get an IPS monitor unless you're really anal about response time. I would suggest going with a single 27" IPS panel with a resolution of 2560x1440 though.

144hz with a low response time isn't really worth it, imo. I doubt you'll notice the difference between that and a 60hz monitor. The only reason to really get a 144hz screen is if you're a pro gamer or something and need every possible performance advantage even if you might not notice it.

It's really a question between picture quality and how smooth movements are. I personally prefer IPS panels because they give you much better picture quality and more accurate colors. You're usually only going to get a 6ms response time and a 60hz refresh rate, but that's usually enough anyway.