In need of a new screen, suggestions?

Hi Chaps,


Love the tek/show!

Anyway, wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I had 2 Dell 3011U screens but the second one had light bleed and started overheating so it had to go back. Since then I've been pondering the need for a second 30 inch screen which for all intents and purposes simply sits there and plays movies while I game on my main.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for perhaps a decent 27 inch? I've really wanted a high HZ panel but I can't seem to find any which aren't TN?

Also, are there any recommendations with regards to any good spacious cases which could fit a 480 rad comfortably?

(Money isn't really an issue for these requests)

Current Specs below:

Intel 3930K @ 4.5GHz

Fractal R4 ASUS

P9X79 Deluxe


2x 500GB Raptors

300GB Mushkin SSD

Dell 3011U

Corsair 1300 Watt PSU


I don't own one, I am considering this option for myself:
[br]Asus PB278Q.
[br]Fewer complaints about this monitor than any Dell I have seen. It is 2560x1440 IPS. I know you shouldn't look at the advertised response times, but it says it is 5ms. I have read reviews where people are happy to use it for gaming. Should be a good all round choice. 

If frequency is a non issue, get the Nixues NX-VUE27. It's like $400, an IPS panel, and 1440. It's 60Hz however. Still a very nice monitor that has all the inputs you need. 

I wish we had the Nixues in the UK.
[br]Other than that, you'd have to buy an overclocked Korean model like the Yamakasi Catleap 2B. Those things can reach 120hz. Though, they are very expensive for an OC model.
[br]Your case query; the only case I know for sure will fit a double 240 is the NZXT 820. Possibly the 630 too. I've considered those cases for one of my own builds, and they are enthusuast grade. However, they use a lot of plastic around the metal chassis which reduces the build quality.

Not 27'in but it is what I will be ordering once my summer job starts


Cheers... you mean to say that there are IPS monitors with 120Mhz response times?
[br]There may be some compromise on panel quality, but plenty of people use these.

Would be reasonably nice but I notice they go to great lengths to indicate that the panel is not faulty if it cannot achieve 120hz


It's kind of like GPUs and CPUs. You either get lucky with the overclock, or you don't. Still, for the money you get an IPS panel with a high refresh rate. Personally, I'd save my cash and just get a standard 27" 60hz IPS. If you want to splash out you could get a 144hz 27" to sit alongside it.