In need of a new phone!

I've had my Samsung Galaxy Note II for two years now, and the charge port has been acting up lately. Overnight charge leaves me with only max 60% on the battery, and quickly draining. 


So, not expensive. not iphone. Ive been looking at Nexus 5. but needs to be android, and cheapish

The Motorolla Moto G is a pretty solid phone as an all rounder. Alternatively Asus Zenphone have similar specs to the Moto G for a similar price.

Personally id say get the Nexus 5. I have one, its great. Its smaller than the Note 2 but better overall specs. Stock Android 5.0 and easily unlocked so when google does stop supporting it, it will still be supported by custom roms for a long while after.

Theres also the OnePlus One which hardware wise is better than the Nexus 5, should also have decent support for a good amount of time, similar in price (cheaper actually), but apparently you just can never get one.. (edit: ive heard you can get some other asian market version that doesnt require a invite..)

Neither is for sale in my country sadly :( Norway fyi

Yes, two friends of mine have the nexus 5 and have recommended it. cheap in price and great phone overall. How about the switch from a note II you think?

Almost never use the pen and the S features. just for drawing on snapchat pictures :) And I feel the note II is abit to large (small hands)

You'll like the Nexus 5 I think. honestly im not sure youll miss many of the features from touchwiz after a few days, Android 5.0 also has a lot of new features that are nice. If you don't mind the size the OnePlus One is as tall as the note 2 but not as wide, I would maybe see if its possible to get that as the price is similar to the Nexus 5 and its a bit better over all in hardware. But if not, the Nexus 5 is a good phone in my opinion.

Can confirm, Nexus 5 is an awesome phone

I'm considering selling my Nexus 5 right now if you decide on that.

Have you tried buying a new battery for the note 2? It's cheaper than buying a new phone.

It's probably the battery's fault. 

well the battery is probably worn, but Im kinda tired of the phone, its slow. kinda fucked up, with my pictures and stuff. Did a backup with the recommended program, took 3 tries and then all my pictures are out of order and shit soo.


I tried a different charger and it charged fine, so probably the charger that has died ish

In Norway? :P

Oh, sorry, didn't read that. We could probably work out shipping if you wanted it that badly, but I don't  know how much that'd be.

Would probably be cheaper to just buy a new one :/ hard to send phones over the border thingy.. 

You're likely right.