In need of a better monitor and GPU

I currently have this monitor, I am thinking of upgrading to a twenty seven inch and would like some suggestions.


I also have a GTX 660SC and want to upgrade the first, I was thinking about grabbing a GTX 770 4gb, but I wanted to ask for other suggestions first. I enjoy my 660SC but with the newer games it is showing signs of slowing down, and Skyrim with fifteen mods is starting to struggle.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

There is an entire forum dedicated to the korean monitors on this site. The favorite seems to be the qnix qx2710. There are also some newer ones you can check out such as the Shimian qh-2700 and Crossover Black Tune 2755 AMG. The Shimian and Crossover are both AH-IPS and came out recently, I know the Crossover has an HDMI and can be overclocked, but you'll pay $400 for it instead of around $300. 


As for the graphics card, if you have the money, A 780 is at a great price right now. Personally, though, I'd pick up two R9 280Xs for better performance. Not all games will work well with crossfire, but, a lot of the problems that people mainly complained about are fixed. Almost all the games that don't play well with crossfire, you don't need crossfire. If you want to upgrade further and don't mind paying a premium, you could go with two 780s or even 780 TIs and just get the second one later. More performance, but at a much higher price/performance ratio

If Skyrim is what you're looking forward to play with a lot of mods, let me warn you. When they worked on Skyrim they wanted to make sure it run well on the PS3. The PS3 at the time had a good CPU and just a decent GPU. The PC users suffered under this since the game was now focused on the CPU. Skyrim actually does not require a very powerful GPU. It is the programmers fault.

BUT! I've seen the Skyrim community releasing mods that would fix this, the only downside: these mods do not work along with an ENB. This might have changed meanwhile though, look into it should this be something you're interested in.

You might already know all this but I thought I'd share this just in case.

I have a R9 280X and I love it so far. I have the ASUS DCUII and can run Skyrim smoothly with around 30 mods or so. The card gets to about 60C and noise isn't an issue. I was also thinking of getting the 770, but decided to go with the R9 280X because of price.

I turned off a few of the mods and I run at a solid 57 fps, but it has it's hiccups every now and then. 


But I am mainly gearing up for the witcher 3, I play a lot of the witcher 2 with über sampling off but would like to max everything. 

I am new to the site and was unaware of the monitor section within the forums and will look it up. 


And would you you recommend a 290x instead of the dual 280's? If I am going to spend 500 plus I might as well make it worth it. But I am waiting until mantle releases for battlefield 4 before I make any decisions. 

it really depends on the mod.. some leverage the whole graphics card, some the cpu and system ram...

Personally I would go with the two 280Xs. But if you have the money, I think the 780s would be a better option, granted you may only be able to get one now and the other later, but it does pretty well at 1440p even by itself. The 290x is just... hot... and noisy... but it is slightly better than a non-overclocked 780. Mantle may work really great though, in which case I'd go for the crossfire solution. If it's kinda OK, depending on prices of everything, I may just stick with saying the 780s.

+1 to the 280x, I have the HIS Ice Q X2 model and it's fantastic, has the occasional little bit of coil whine but even when it's under full load it doesn't usually whine.

Well if the 780 does well at 1440p then it should be godlike at 1080 which is what I run, I would rather wait on a monitor upgrade and purchase a beast gpu. At the price point they are now I would have to save up a bit more but in the end it would seem like the smarter purchase. And by the time I have the money together mantle should be out so I might change my mind depending on the awesome factor.

You could also wait a little bit and see how G-sync works out.