In ear Headphones suggestion?!

Hi Guys! 

I have around a £100 to spend on some good in ear headphones. I am unsure as to which are the best in terms of sound quality. I will be using the headphones most of the day and sometimes be doing running in them, this means they need to be very comfortable and fit in the ear well. I am looking at the: Bose IE2, JayBird Freedom Sprint, Beyerdynamic DX160. Are any of these headphones any good? I know someone with original Bose IE headphones and I love the design. I find that headphones which create that "suction" in your ear tend to hurt after a while, maybe that is just because I have been using crap headphones though? I would appreciate some suggestions on some good headphones!

Thanks! :D

these things( cheap and they have some good sound quality for the price, my headphones are a pair of beyerdynamic dt880s for home and that is what I used for the comparison. The bass is not exactly  thundering but it is still there and they have a decent cord length as well, but if anyone has a gripe against them then just go with whatever you think is best! 

While they are well under the price range you're looking for, I'd recommend the Soundmagic E10's. I know for sure they sound better than the JayBirds, and while I don't know how they compare to the Bose or Beyerdynamics, WhatHiFi has both the Bose and E10's rated at 5 stars, but there is a large price difference so that may factor in to the rating.

The E10's aren't the BEST you can get, but in a lot of reviews they are said to sound as good or better than a lot of earbuds that sell for over $100. All I know is that they sound fantastic, and I've never seen a negative review on them.