In A Rut With Gaming

Hey guys I don't know if any of you share this opinion/experience but me and a lot of friends I know are kind of in a rut with gaming, and I don't know if it is really the games fault, for example if I start up a good game (Oh Idk Spore or RCT3 or Chivalry those are just examples but generally any game) I just don't have the drive to play it and I don't really think it's the games fault I don't know what it is I have tried fresh new games like Starbound and it's the same thing. I am not sure why I am feeling this way as gaming has been a big part of my life since I was 5 years old I am currently 16, and well it leaves me quite bored and as I said I am in a rut with gaming I don't know why infact I have no idea why but my friends are also having similar experiences.

Any suggestions, or anything really maybe tell me if you guys are experiencing something similar or what?

I've experienced the same, taking a break and not trying helped. Just chill a bit and you'll soon be wanting to play games again... Probably

Everyone feels this way at various times. Sometimes I can't wait to wake up and start playing games. It's an up down cycle. Sometimes it takes one game to change your view.

For me, I have my ups and downs a lot, but whenever I am in the mood for playing games, I tend to play them for a pretty long time. I kind of have to be in a certain mood for things. Most of the time if I am not in the mood for gaming, I am either getting something important done, listening to music, or something else.

But seriously, today I was in the mood of playing games and I was playing God Hand for a pretty long time

Not trying to be a dick, but try something else.

Get a BMX bike and ride it, talk to girls more, go out and do stuff with your friends, go to parties, get a hobby (programming, art, etc.) just something other than just gaming. One big thing to is improve your social life IN REAL LIFE. Sitting in your room all the time is going to make you depressed. I went through that heavily last year (I'm 16 too). Like Beserker said, you will have ups and downs when it comes to your gaming moods. For instance I haven't launched a game on Steam in 7 days and I haven't wanted to either. Keep yourself from becoming addicted to it.

Not if you are someone that has very limited emotions. 

Well most teenagers are very emotional, as with pretty much every person on Earth.

I appreciate what your saying and not being a dick about it but I genuinely am not some basement gamer I do a lot of other things from going to the friends about 4 times a week amongst other things I mean I do have those lazy days where I don't do anything but generally I only have about 2/3 hours on week days where I game

And as for the other comments, I don't really have an up and down thing with gaming I generally have enjoyed video games very much the same my whole life, well except for when I was a kid I enjoyed them much more then but other than that I always have enjoyed video games the same which was very well until now

I don't think any of us are any different from you, in that respect. When I was young, I always found a game to play, whatever mood I was in. I still enjoy games, but only commit to few titles that break the mold. It takes some special sauce in game design to capture my attention these days. I find myself taking long breaks from gaming to sit and watch YT.

Listen to more metal. It is what I do. If you don't like metal, then listen to something else. Like metal. If that doesn't get you ready to game there is no hope for you. 

When I feel like that I either move on to another game, play with friends, screw around in the game, or any combination of those 3.

^ this is so similar to my situation

When school is out i'll play a few days of games, but when school is on I find myself watching netflix, youtube or aimlessly browsing the internet with no drive to game knowing I won't be able to play for more than an hour or two, or just knowing that I have homework to do.

It makes me feel bad because I am pretty young (younger than most on this forum) and spent alot on a nice gaming setup, but since I played minecraft (1 year now since I have seriously played) I'm not really glued to my screen anymore.

^^ ROK

You live my life

Was going though the same thing last year. Just take a break from gaming, it not a bad thing to do from time to time, and in a few weeks you'll be gearing up to play games again. 

Yep.  Take a break.  Everyone get's burnt out eventually, especially as you get older.  You're only 16 so it's understandable that you may not have dealt with it before.  So, take a couple weeks off from gaming.  It'll make a world of difference.  But, if you absolutely refuse to take some time off, you can try different types of games.  Indie games for example.  It could help rejuvenate your enthusiasm toward gaming. 

I don't really have anything new to add because it's been said, but I figured I'd give more justification that all the above is truth.

I used to spend entire days playing games (those need for speed campaigns would suck my dick) but as I got farther in school and ultimately college I don't play games nearly as much as I used to. I spend all day going to class and doing homework that I just am burnt out. I'd rather aimlessly browse YT or the like than play games (which used to be my go to). This doesn't sound like exactly the position you're in, but it'll probably be the one that is more common the older you get. It's normal.

Now days if I do play games its usually one with a wonderful story, a multiplayer game to share with friends, or something where I can just fuck around with things (minecraft and modpacks). I find those much more stimulating now than I did when I was younger and so when I have some serious time off I dive pretty deeply into them.

If you're not like the above I suggest picking up a hobby. Over winter break when I had a ton of time to game, I didn't actually "game" at all. I spent pretty much my entire break diving into Linux. I've always wanted to but I've never convinced myself to just install it and go for it. That was a month well spent I can tell you.

I've also recently found that board games are super fun with friends and since you have a group of them maybe you want to try to get them in to it. Also maybe you could try being a DM/GM for a roleplaying game, that would give you a nice challenge to come up with a story to work with your friends. My friends and I have a really fun time playing "Paranoia". Its not the traditional D&D type of game so if your friends think its "not cool" tell them to "get a hold of" a rulebook and see if they really think it would be as bad as they think.

The 3 of you are basically living that part of my life as well, I think I am in the exact same situation as the three of you

I prefer heavy dubstep but it does put you in that same kind of mood that metal would.

I basically am taking kind of a break from gaming my 2 or 3 hours of free time is spent on netflix and youtube, during that I try to play games, I will start up KSP or something and exit it within 10 or 20 mins and go back to youtube.