In a bit of a pickle

So I was doing months of research for my first build, when I finally got enough money to buy parts, I bought ones right away, without considering any other parts. This came back to bite me in the ass when I realised I could get a build with an overclockable CPU and a better motherboard. The price gap between the two is only like 50 bucks, which I have, and I would gladly return if but I already put the cpu in and smeared the heatsink on. So what should I do? Keep the current build or find a way to return the cpu and mobo? (By the way it hasn't been 30 days) and I got my CPU at microcenter but mobo at Newegg.


I have:


I want:

Nahh its fine... But... I would save up for a graphics card because intel graphics are bad.. Even the new one.

You should consider purchasing an SSD (Solid State Drive) as I don't see one in your build, and this would provide a great boost of performance to this build. Also I can't be of much help as I am not aware of Microcenters or Neweggs return policy.

Yeah, I have the money to buy a medium range card (650 - 650ti) but I dunno whether I should suck it up and use intergrated or buy a decent card now and save up for a better one later. Also, after my gpu,  have qutie an agenda, top of the list is an ssd, then a new mouse and keyboard, then a new mic/headphone setup, then maybe SLI the 760 I am saving up for.

ya the cpu you have is fine look into a graphics card and a ssd and you will have a well rounded computer.  I would reccomend a 64gb ssd and set it up as a cache drive for your 1tb so you dont need to reintall your os and a 7870.  I added the two things that I think you should get to your list below.  I would grab those and then get new keyboard mouse and such as I find once you have good performace those will affect you gaming experice the most.

Yeah I just want a small ssd for a speedy boot and maybe put a few games on it so they load up faster.