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Improving programming skills and work on project “org-software” - Devember challenge



Day 3 | Devember dev log 4

If you are only interested in the “org-software” project skip this update, not much of interest here.

Quick Update from the bus:

I don’t have anything coherent yet, mostly modified code snippets from various tutorials but I have not posted any code yet, so here is at least something.
I try to keep to an hour because there is not a lot of time at the moment. For me it’s kind of hard to pick up the thread from the last day my natural work cycle is usually more around 2 hours per item.

Anyways I made some progress with

  • planning the overall project
  • I realized how little I usually work with python it’s really mostly implementing or changing a bit of math
  • sql is strange and even though I don’t need to handle it directly I need to get used to sqlAlchemy. I will probably need to come up with a couple of simple examples on my own.

random code - random sample from playing around with sqlAlchemy and other stuff - mostly from tutorials

import sqlalchemy

from sqlalchemy import create_engine

engine = create_engine('sqlite:///:memory:', echo=True)
connection = engine.connect()
    CREATE TABLE users (
        username VARCHAR PRIMARY KEY,
        password VARCHAR NOT NULL

#        tags VARCHAR
    INSERT INTO users (username, password) VALUES (?, ?);
    "test_user_0", "1234"
result = connection.execute("SELECT username FROM users")

for row in result:
    print("username:", row['username'])

#reminder: don't write useless comments

#    """
#    INSERT INTO users (username, password) VALUES (?, ?, ?);
#    """,
#    "test_user_0", "1234", "test_tag"

import subprocess
import pyinotify
w = pyinotify.WatchManager()

cases = pyinotify.IN_MODIFY

class EventHandler(pyinotify.ProcessEvent):
    def process_IN_MODIFY(self, event):
        print "modified"
# note: inotify works on linux only

Maybe I have some time later to make this post a bit more coherent and add the more interesting stuff. I have some handwritten notes. Usually I don’t write about what I do, so I have to get used to that.


Day 4 | Devember dev log 5

Today was hard for me to find a continuous free hour, so I did more research and continued a bit with the sqlalchemy tutorial. But I found this gem:

The phrase I was looking for is “fingerprinting”. I’m not sure yet if I can use that same principle for what I have in mind but it’s very interesting. Sometimes I get too easily distracted when I find something cool that my timer went off. Anyway, hopefully more interesting updates will be coming soon.




What’s wrong with IDEs?


They are slightly better than IEDs


I mean sure there are plenty bad ones, but also plenty good ones. Can you actually answer the question?


Bloated, slow, and hide shit from ya. I’ll pass.


You’re overgeneralizing.


Day 5 | Devember dev log statement 6

I think the fingerprinting of files is going to work :thinking: don’t want to jinx it though, my code somehow broke on my way home and the only idiot working on it is me.

I’ll try to get it to work to have at least one functional part. I can’t promise if I can write an update today though. The weekend is coming, so there is hope.


Day 6 |

This weekend is tight with family related events. I read up on how to write tests and other stuffs during train and bus rides but programming and writing good updates is hard from my phone and I was only at home for cooking. A good update will follow at monday the latest.


short follow up: somehow I can’t get the finger printing to work for arbitrary files but I went a bit too far down a rabbit hole here anyway. :thinking:


Yeah, uhmm … life happened. Sorry about that.

Studying, family and bureaucracy consume a lot of time right now. I am reading through the python docs on my train and bus rides but there is rarely space enough to get my laptop out to start programming and the rest of my time is kind of gone in a puff of smoke.

I will continue with the project, it’s just not quite in the spirit of Devember any more because I mostly get done reading and research in the bus and not a lot of programming.

I linked it further up but this is my inspiration for the program right now:

The most valuable thing I am learning in this challenge is reading other peoples code. TMSU is written in Go not Python but I try to understand the underlying functions.


What happened? I NEED UPDATES :stuck_out_tongue:


With exams and pre Christmas family obligations I could not make the time any more. (I was afraid this would happen but family and uni has priority )
Hopefully I’ll have an update for you tomorrow.