Improved build parts list... What do you guys think?

 $140 AMD FX-6300 Vishera CPU

$65 CORSAIR Hydro H60 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

$143 GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 Motherboard

$50 2 Mushkin Enhanced Redline 4gb DDR3 1866 SDRAM

$90 SAMSUNG 830 128GB SSD

$70 Western Digital WD Blue 500GB HDD

$278 HIS IceQ Turbo Radeon HD 7870

$110 Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower

$109 CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650M 650W

$10 Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound

Anyone know the CPU's potential with a cooler like I'm planning on getting here?


Still would like a professional opinion.  What should I be able to expect out of this rig game-wise?

it would run say 98% of today's games in 1080 ultra with 50-60fps no problem.

What are you goint to store in the HDD? if you're goint ot store only like music, photos, or other document, i suggest the caviar green. but if you're going to play games out of it, a caviar blue or black would be more viable.

decent setup overall

Everything besides the OS, Steam, Games, and other fast stuff will be on the SSD. Thanks for pointing that out, I could clip a few bucks off of the price with the caviar green instead of the blue.


*edit* Nevermind, they're not cheaper but they're quieter and more heat resistant, which is a plus for the same price.  Thanks.

*bump* Changed a few things, still need to know what the Vishera 6300's OC potential is *bump*

It's new so noone really knows yet. I think Logan's doing a review soon though, so if this won't be bought right away you could wait for his review along with others.

It seems pretty awesome to me though.  


I saw tests that got it up above 4.8ghz stable with air cooling... I'll believe it when Logan tells me that.  I find it hard to fathom 4.8ghz w/ air cooling out of a $140 processor.  Anyone know when he'll be doing the review?

I completely believe it, there is a big difference between Intel chips and AMD chips. The speed and quality of the chips from Intel go down with each different category of chip, the i3 is a worse chip than the i5 which is a worse chip than the i7. With the AMD FX chips, they are all pretty much the same chip, just with fewer cores. Thats why you'll see the FX4300, FX6300, and FX8350 all have nearly the same single core performance. As a matter of fact, the more cores on the chip the hotter and more consumptive the chip is, thus the OC potential of the FX chips goes down slightly with more cores, thus the FX4300 should technically have the most OC potential.

That is why I was so surprised that the 8 cores sold off websites like hot cakes and are now out of stock.  I feel like half of them were sold just so the person could say "Hey, my CPU has more cores than yours :P"

Well, honestly, most consumers are idiots, they have no idea what they are buying or what the chips do. People tend to end up with bias towards companies simply because its what they bought in the heat of the moment, which is honestly why I get a bit annoyed when I read someone asking for build advice then stating they would prefer to get an AMD/Intel/Nvidia chip because of [insert stupid reason here]. Its prevalent with even the more educated users here. 

Everyone has a little bit of bias I suppose, it is just human nature.

green drives are slower and fail prone, stick with blue, black or white.

HD get the one that Logan was talking about, the 128GB cheap one. You can get two for dirt cheap. Check out, on youtube, his $700 PC build and $400 and $650 it's in 2/3 of those. 

Someone please tell me why the hell people even bother suggesting Caviar Greens. They're expensive, slower, and only save you maybe 1 watt of power. There's a reason that Seagate stopped making their green drives. Why would you spend the same amount of money for something that's slower? Pretty much the same mentality as Apple fans, imo.

I'm not sure I understand you at all... I couldn't find anything that was 128GB and dirt cheap.

I think he's talking about an SSD. And as far as I can tell he's kind of new to the whole PC building thing because he's not differentiating between HDDs and SSDs, and he apparently thinks you can run a GTX 480 and GTX 660 TI in SLI together.

Well Logan doesn't have any HDD in those builds... So I think he meant SSD, but I haven't found any of the Kingston Hyper X drives for less than $90.

>_> well no need to be mean bro

I'm not trying to be mean. I just get frustrated when I see someone ask a question that they don't know the answer to, and then they try to give advice on the same issue an hour later. If they don't know they answer to something, then they shouldn't be giving advice on the subject.

Well if you're looking for an SSD, there's always the Crucial M4, Samsung 830, and Corsair Neutron GTX as well. There's also the ADATA one that Logan likes too. I think it's called the SX900 or something like that.