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Improve "support L1" Page for AdBlock



I was sure that the page was outdated or broken because there are no links for a lot of the affiliates, only banners and those were all blocked by one of my adblockers. It didn’t occur to me to view the page without those until I came to the forum to complain about the page being outdated.

Maybe it would be better to also have the affiliates as links and not just banners because it’s not obvious that one needs to deactivate adblock to use the page.


If I can just chime in a bit, I can only see a few banner ads on that page. I have no idea how many are actually there. If these ads are supporting the site, I am delighted to look at them. But, I do not like being tracked, so I use anti-tracking tools. I expect that there must be others here, who feel the same way.

Give me your sales pitch, but keep your fingerprinting and your cookies to yourself and we’ll both be much happier.


Or turn your blocker off for L1.