Impromptu infosec conference this sunday

Online, put together in three days (no idea how they managed that :smiley: ) , PancakesCon

#PancakesCon is an impromptu, virtual hacker con occurring on Sunday 3/22/2020, from 9AM-6PM Central US Time.

Every talk at PancakesCon is approximately 40 minutes long, and must have two halves:

  1. An introductory talk on a hacking / infosec topic targeted at junior analysts or students in the field.
  2. An introductory talk on any one non-IT topic for anyone to learn about the skill or hobby.

The objective is to allow people to learn some new skills (infosec career-wise, and not) while they are trapped in quarantine at home or in isolation. It should inspire them to learn more on their own about both or either topics.