Importing hardware from the US to Brazil

Hi everyone, it's my first post here. And since Logan says people are very helpful in the forums, I decided to give it a try.


I live in Brazil, and hardware is pretty effing expensive here (as is most technology). I have a friend in the US who's coming back for Christmas and she offered to bring anything, and I was thinking of building my own PC for a while now (my poor Samsung RF411 laptop is getting tired, heh), and Tek Syndicate's video on a $700 rig piqued my interest (link:


My question is: if I decide to have these parts brought over, could there be problems regarding different specs from the different countries? My two main concerns are energy supply and temperature (the first because I don't even have any idea what kinds of plugs you guys use in the US and if it would be hard to find an adapter, should I need one; and the latter because Brazil is way hotter than the US most of the time and I've heard stories about hardware from colder countries facing overheating problems in hotter countries).

Any help would be appreciated!

P.S.: I don't know many online stores for PC hardware in the US, so currently I'm only using as a supplier. If you guys have any tips of other reliable websites worth looking at, I'm also very grateful! 

The Energy Supply issue shouldnt be a problem. It seems like in Brazil you use 110V @ 60Hz which is the same as in the US, and besides the PSU supports full 100 - 240V. The plug used to power the PSU is a universal plug, so you shouldnt have trouble finding one if you use a different plug pin array in Brazil. So in terms of that you should be fine.

As far as the temperature goes you should also be fine, some parts of the United States have similar temperature ranges to parts of Brazil. As long as your room is well ventilated / air conditioned, you should not have a problem. And id like to stress "should not" as I am not 100% sure that you wont come across hardware compatibilty issues.

What I would really check is how much you would have to pay customs when your friend enters the country...I worked at a retail store for a while, and a lot of Brazilian people would come to buy electronics. I was told that the customs fees are high (even then it was still cheaper to buy electronics in the US). If you could bypass those fees, you'd be saving a lot of money.

As far as websites go, I usually use either Newegg or Amazon.

Haha I was going to offer to buy the parts and drive them down for you ( pc expenses handled by you)but in the summer months. that would be an awesome summer gaming adventure, considering that as an f2p gamer I find Brazil to be the epicenter of bad players. It would be fun to go Down build a pc then get schooled at a lan by some br cs master