Important parts for console emulation

I was wondering what the most important parts of a computer are when emulating, RAM (amount or speed), CPU or the GPU.

It really depends on what you are trying to emulate. If you are trying to Emulate PS2 You need really high CPU clockspeed. If you are wanting to Emulate Wii and GC games you will need a really strong GPU and fairly strong GPU with a decent amount of RAM (Min 4GB) For everything older than the N64 You can run it pretty much on a Pentium 4, Only really recent stuff requires a fairly decent system.

you said GPU twice, what needs to be stronger?

dude, mine phone runs emulators just fine. i dont think you need anything extreme.

i guess we dont know what he plans to emulate

Let's start off by finding out what systems you want to emulate.


PS2, GC, Wii, DS, PSP and older systems

here are the specs for the dolphine emulator

and the pcsx2

He meant really strong GPU and fairly strong CPU. Again, depends on what console you're trying to emulate. I was running Gameboy emulators really well with a 200MHz Pentium II.

ah that helps a bit, thanks

depends on budget, an apu is ample for ps2, dolphin is just a bitch, ds i would probably reccomend a 6800k on the low end (important: desmume needs to have opencl enabled to run decently), i don't think psp can be emulated to a playable level yet

For Dolphin (wii gc) and pcsx2 you have to go for for awesome per core performance, these programs can only utilise 2 cores properly. The best would be a 4670k overclocked balls to the wall, a budged option would be to get the best/ highest clocked  i3. For the GPU a gaming card from a few years  back is enough.

For some wii/gc/ps2 games youll have to use speedhacks to avoid slowdowns though, even with the best pc possible atm.

i never had any issues with a a8-3520m