iMac 21.5" mid 2010 dying videocard, options?

Hi dear forum members, my tech life it’s pretty active in this period and I find myself reaching for your help once again. I got my hands on a mid 2010 21.5" iMac that’s working flawlessly except for one thing: the GPU is dying and the screen is filled with artifacts. It really saddens me to just throw it into the garbage. I wanted to make an external monitor out of it and sell the rest of the parts but I can’t seem to find the right controller board to drive that display. Can you help me find it? If you know how to fix it enough to make it run a year let me know (reballing in the home oven it’s not worth I guess). Also buying a new 4670 or 5670 is out of question because in Europe those things cost upwards of 300€. It’s the 11,2 EMC2389.

when GPU is RIP in an all in one with proprietary laptop hardware, it’s pretty much done. I hope you didn’t pay for that imac. it’s as good as trash. Only thing you can do at this point is to turn the display into an external monitor. there are cheap parts available on ebay if you know what you need.

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I’d say go look for a 260m or 270m that matches the card format in the MXM slot and plop it in there. Its got a 330m in it right? Can get a better card in there for not much more cash.

That’s pretty much what I said and yes I got it for free. But I can’t find the controller to make it an external display anywhere

Well it has an ATI 4670 in there. The only upgrade would be buy a 5670 (300€, no thanks)