Im worried!

Hello everyone!

I have picked all the components for my future build but im really worried about the PSU!

I want to know if the PSU caches fire or something like that wold it hurt the rest of the components?

AND also these are the parts:


Gigabyte 990fx UD3 AM3

Corsair vengeance 8GB (2x4) Black

Sapphire HD 7870XT

WD caviar blue 1tb

NZXT source 210 with side pannel window

And i really like corsair and i trust them so i didnt know wich of these PSUs to buy:

Then i searched alittle more and found this:

I noticed that none of the customers PSUs have blown!

So what do you guys think? Thanks for the help!

corsair makes great power supplies and you should have no problems.  I have the seasonic 650 and it is a great power supply handles my i5 3570k at 4.5ghz and my overclocked 660ti no problem.  I would highly reccomend it I think corsair and seasonic make the best power supplies but there should be no problems with the corsair ones.

Seasonic are the best manufacturers of PSUs. Thing is, they happen to make most other brands power supplies, too. E.g XFX

I'm uncertain of the TX series. However, you should be fine with Corsair. Seasonic would be my preference, or the higher-end Corsair PSUs, like the HX or AX. And for a single GPU, in a completely overclocked system, you only need 550W. I'd recommend the 550W bronze XFX PSU. It should be a similar value, or slightly cheaper. Single 12v rail, good amount of amps. It will cover you for power hungry GPUs like the 770 et cetera.

On second thoughts, that's not the best Seasonic model.

This is the XFX PSU I recommend, time and time again.

So Seasonic is better?If thats true then what PSU model of seasonic shold i get?I only want it to be 600W or more,that way it wont blow up or hurt my PC because it most certanly can handle those parts!And it will be more future proof!

Parts are generally getting more power efficient. I assure you that 550W is enough for all the latest cards, completely overclocked. You would still have room to spare. I recommend the PSU I posted.

However, the Seasonic G series 550W also comes recommended. Trouble is, Seasonic are always more expensive, given their reputation. The XFX PSU I posted is made by Seasonic, it is a Seasonic supply, on a budget. It is a brilliant thing.