I'm trying to edit a samplers storage media live

Hello, this is my first post on the forums. Though I have been watching the news since it started and been a patreon for about a year. I finally got something worth sharing/asking I suppose.

My standalone music equipment mostly use sd cards. In particular, My Roland 404sx’s handle hotswapping them very well actually even while it’s in the middle of shit. I can hardly ever remember a single corrupted file after some kind of operation or transfer and not a single corrupted sd card of the many i use on this thing.

I’m aware the standard serial interface that these cards use couldn’t just juggle connections between 2 devices (right?!) I’m fine with a hard switch between the connections of the media from the sampler to the computer. But surely I can do this passively, without the use of a powered board in a conventional “serial switch”, right??? I’m fine with fabricating something here, I’m just trying to imagine the best way of going about this.

TLDR; sd card hotswappable device. i wanna seamlessly switch the connection to my computer without moving or unplugging anything.

Thanks in advance

SD-Cards and USB does not support multiple master devices, so you would have to disconnect, wait a short moment to bleed residual power, then reconnect to the other device.

Not sure how handy you are and what tools you have, but you could definetly build such a device arround a USB switch chip such as the TI TS3USB30E

If would via some controll-input swap the USB data lines.

When you don’t want to get knee deep into KiCad (or Eagle), I would recommend buying a cheap USB hub (preferable without external power supply) and modify that.

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could I not have all the pins of the sd card be sent to a usb sd card reader board? Given there is a hard switch that dictates whether a particular pin goes to the device or the reader. Wouldn’t that essentially be 2 readers reading the same card with a switch deciding which is actually capable of doing it?

I have little to no idea about the signals SD-Cads work with.

It could be posible to plug one of those SD-cart extender cables in and then switch the pins over there. Will look into that.

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