Im stuck!

-£500 pc

light workstation use (not sure if coding and general pc stuff is workstation)

not fussed about colour match or anything like that (a nice case i guess but really don't care about component colour)

i'd like to be able to run on ultra but its a budget so fast as possible for gaming


overall a good gaming pc with the ability to be a "workstation"

(not entirely sure what workstation means in reference to what im doing, could just be considered general pc stuff but i do code, but i never edit or render. not sure.)

thanks in advance - b785e

All builds feature a 128 GB SSD, 1TB hard drive for storage and 8 GB of ram.

i5, R9 280    - £551  nice case (corsair 200r)   - £537  ok case (cooler master n200; only mATX and smaller)    - £524  decent case (zalman z3 plus)


FX 6300, R9 280   - £547  nice case (corsair 200r)  - £524  decent case (zalman z3 plus)


860K, R9 280 / 270  -  £485  (R9 280, cooler master n200)   - £460  (R( 270, cooler master n200)

I have two hard drives and I think I'll skip the ssd, with this £80 spare what component should I allocate this to. I know with gaming pcs money is usually put on the gpu. So what should I do? Cpu or gpu?