I'm still cannot figure out whether i want to use amd or intel

One week ill research builds for the fx-8350 the next ill get cold feet  and make builds for the i5-3570k. I was pretty sure i was going to get the fx-8350 so i could later upgrade because amd had said its still going to use the am3+ socket but last week they did a press release or something that said they will not be releasing any new products this year. This makes me worry about the future of amd a little bit. It could be good if they release products more slowly of a higher quality.  But when i think about the i5-3570k it seems like the better processor and a safer way to go but there isnt really a hope of an upgrade path aside from the 3770k i guess.


This was exactly my situation about a month or so ago. Was originally planning on doing a FX-8350 gaming build but having never really had any experience with AMD, nothing wrong with them at all, but just never used as my main rig, I was concerned. I eventually decided on just getting the Intel 3570k because I knew what to expect and I wasnt planning on doing any streaming. If your after a work/play machine just go with the 3570k and do a overclock on it to like 4.2ghz. If your into gaming and want to use media streaming programs to share your gameplay without much or any impact on your FPS get the AMD 8350. simple enough.

8350 or i7 3820.

You could do what Qain once said and assign a choice to a side of a coin then flip it, If you hesitate to pick the one it landed on, choose the opposite and never look back.

Or you know... look at bench ark and compair price to performance unitll you find what you want.

That is part of the problem really. Maybe im not looking in the right places but i cant seem to find consistent websites for benchmarks. What i mean is i cant seem to find one website that reviews and compares the i5 and the fx8350.

why does the amd future makes you worry?

Intel is much more to worrie about.

i had the same issue, i allways had intel, and  much of thing i deside to give amd a try. and im realy happpy with the choise.

intel works with a tik tok system. year 2011 sandy bridge came out, and de sandybridge E, that was the tok a year later the  ivy bridge for socket 1155 came out i5 3570k 3770k, thats the tik, next year  intel  probabley will come with a tok, (Hasswell or maybe core i9 or what ever) there will be a new socket again, and yeah cool for the intel fans, you socket 1155  ends up  onto and of life list.. so yeah go for the i5 if the future of amd makes you worried :)

I had the same choice to make. I chose the 8350, arrives tomorrow and I don't plan to look back. I looked at it this way, the Intel socket is dead and by the time I am ready to upgrade from the 8350 AMD will have a new socket. In real world situations they match each other blow for blow so I went with the cheaper of the two. You really can't go wrong either way.


yes indeed, intel will come next year with a tok, so that means other platform other socket, thats how intel works last couple of years, so if you buy now an ivy bridge 1155 it will be end of life next year. AMD with this 8 core cpu am3+ socket is allot ahead for the future, so i think amd will not soon come with a new platform, or maybe they conne costomize the socket  socket am3 + in the furture  :) so yeah the tik tok from intel is a pain in the ass  :D

This http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115229


This http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819113284&Tpk=8350

Both have similar performance and have an upgrade path.

That is odd the i7-3820 doesnt come with a heatsink and cooler?