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I'm starting to hate computer collectors that don't know how to price stuff (rant)


Ok this is just me bitching but this is getting really fucking stupid.

All this “Oh its an old computer it must be rare and expensive!” bullshit is really starting to piss me off. All I’m looking for here is a couple G5’s to be able to blow up in my firmware project. I don’t even need GOOD G5’s. And every single one is anywhere from 125 to, apparently, 1499 on ebay.

Are you actually fucking serious.

There are some machines that don’t even make sense. The link is too big to post, but theres 2 G4 mini’s for over 120 bucks. Some for 200. These things aren’t even worth any more than 60. They aren’t even collectable theres so fucking many of them.

You wanna know what is collectable?

G3 wallstreet. Expensive at the time, impossible to find. I’d even say thats under priced a little bit because that one is in nice condition. The ones that tend to pop up are all banged around.

G3 snow. Actually was hard to get back in the day and is a stupidly nice machine because of the controller allowing the ram to run at ACTUAL speed and not be limited by fsb like the G4 laptops.

I can’t even FIND a listing on ebay for a G3 flower power or dalmation, let alone the original “Flavor” releases of the CRT G3’s. Pair that with the ibook of the same color and BAM 200 bucks for a collectors set if its NOT BANGED UP.

Like legit, each of the quads I see for sale, one after another, rust rust rust. OBVIOUS LEAKING = DEAD MACHINE DUMBASS I’M NOT PAYING YOU 400 FUCKING DOLLARS FOR A SERIES ONE PUMP EXPLOSION.

Not to even MENTION how common the sunflower G4 is right now and how hard it is to not break the damn things. 80 - 120? Bitch that could easily be 150-200 and no one would complain as long as it had the accessories with it.

Hell the only listing that makes sense over 1000 is a G4 cube with the clear case CRT Cinema display and the harmon kardon crystal speakers. One of those locally, 1200 bucks, no doubt the guy will get 800 for that CRT alone its like a dream display to anyone that knows what it is (full res 150HZ @ 1600X1200 who the hell cares if its apple or not GIB).

Jesus f… Swear to god, I’m gunna move to utah where G5 quads cost bloody nothing because they are everywhere. This shit even affects my recycle purchases. I can’t get a G4 out of a trash pile here for anything less than 80, and it doesn’t have ram or a drive. Hell the 2.3 GHZ version of the G5’s I have currently is going for 125 at a local ecycler and, again, no ram or drives. Are you fucking shitting me.

Don’t do this shit its retarded. This stuff isn’t even collectable online because its everywhere, and once you have it and want to run anything relatively modern via software you either get a shitty 1.8 or 2 GHZ dualie G5 that can barely even run OSX, let alone photoshop CS4, and you’ll probably get a half dead one anyways.

Knock this shit off and price stuff correctly.



So what are the “sold” prices like? Maybe your expectations are what’s wack. Just being devils advocate, I have absolutely no knowledge of pricing.



the local market for working g5 towers is like 40$-60$ g4 and g3 towers are now rare the g5 towers are all over but cause people see aluminium and apple they think$$$ just gotta snipe stuff @Aremis



I’m not really into auctions and bartering, but put in a reasonable offer, and when they don;t sell at the stupid high price, they’ll know the high price was ridiculous.

If people pay the stupid price, then they are your problem, not the guy over-pricing the garbage…



I’ve seem a fair amount of savvy people making a profit from places like Facebook, taking advantage of people not knowing the true value of tech.

So I would guess it swings both ways?



this is alot of the reason



Also the weight, and the original price.
Especially with Apple, because you are buying into more than just the hardware.
The reason Apple is more expensive, is the whole package/Eco-system with their products.
10 years later, the support is no longer such a valuable factor, so value changes drastically.

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Some time ago I saw the PowerMac G5 1.8Ghz 250gb 1.5GB for $ 44.



It is not just Apple though.
At least here in Germany, you can buy single pieces of outdated tech for the price of new, way faster hardware.

Two examples:

Or how about a 290x for the price of a 1660ti?



You would have been in hog heaven in the 90’s, I don’t even want to know what a Lisa with a shrink-wrapped copy of System 7 would cost on the internet now.



This is why I am probably going to sell my VooDoo5 5500 AGP soon.
… because money. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



The ones that I see sell most of the time aren’t the “Collectors Pricing”. If I’m watching, say, an ibook G4, its because its 40-60 bucks. Same with a powerbook or G3. The mst I used to see G5’s sell for was like 80 - 120, 120 for a quad, 80 for the 2.0 DP or 2.3DP. I didn’t even used to see 1.8’s and now ALL of them are retardedly priced.



People are just greedy … Also, a lot of this equipment is sold by companies or people who want to make money professionally.
I had similar problems with prices for used laptops and pc ex company already old. It would seem that old Dell would be cheap but in my area everything is bought by greedy traders and they want to sell at an absurd price.
Even old LCDs sometimes cost not much less than the cheapest new. Some greedy people have made a source of income from e-waste. They buy at a low price sometimes even for free and then push the prices to absurd proportions, which the rest of the market follows.

The same is with prices for licenses for windows 7 or windows 10. I need a W7 license but the prices are abstract despite the system almost dead. Greed everywhere.