I'm so jealous :|

Hey there Tek and guys from the forum . So I saw your 1200$ PC Build (Build) with the AMD FX-8350 so I decided to go for it since my PC is getting kinda really old with my Athlon X4 940 and my 5870 GPU . Basically I took all the parts listed in the video and went on one of the biggest and best PC selling websites in Romania where I'm from and I noticed something really disturbing . 

So take a look at these prices:

AMD FX-8350 : 830 RON (255 $)               in US : 189.99$

Corsair Hidro H100i (Kraken is not available in my country) : 510 RON (157 $)              in US : 139.99$

Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 : 746 RON (230 $)             in US : 179.99$

Kingston HyperX Blu 2x8 GB (G skill not available here) : 746 RON (230 $)         in US : 99.99$

Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM : 380 RON (117 $)            in US : 89.99$

Kingston HyperX 3K 120 GB : 476 RON (146 $)             in US 104.99$

Gigabyte Geforce GTX 670 (PNY Not available here) : 1345 RON (414 $)         in US : 300 $

NZXT Tempest 410 : 472 RON (145 $)           in US : 60 $

Cooler Master GX750 : 436 RON (134 $)         in US : 70$


The PC Part picking website from Romania is : www.pcgarage.ro . If you buy all these parts from different websites which sell those specific parts cheaper you'll be able to save around from $50 to $70 but you need to pay shipping for all those parts so it doesn't really make a difference

This build in US costs : $1234.90 and in Romania it costs : $1828 

Keep in mind that the prices in Romania are updated to 10.20.2013 and the prices in US are still the prices when the : 1200$ AMD Build was posted so at the moment this specific system in US will be around : $1000

So let's say the prices are the same ... Even then there is a difference of $593 

600 Dollars is alot of money.

Could you guys let me know what do you think about this huge price difference or you are more than welcome to show me some of the prices in your country.

Thank you,


PS : Here is the link for the $1200 Amd Build https://teksyndicate.com/videos/build-best-amd-fx-8350-gaming-rig-1200

It's quite similar in Australia. Things are real expensive over here too, although admittedly a bit less.

I also live in Romania and this is what we get for going with the mobile trend and not having retail computer part stores (we used to, Depozitul de calculatoare, UltraPro, flamingo, etc.). The price is so high because of shipping costs, huge VAT increase (we'd be similar to what the canadians have to pay if it didn't skyrocket like it did a few years back).

I could afford one of the best 200-300$ graphics cards on say newegg.com, but can't afford a low-end to mid-range one in Romania. Too bad.

#Tropiko what you said is kinda true . The PC I'm building atm will cost me around 6000 RON (about 1850 US Dollars) and If i would be in the US my build would have been already done and OC'ed :)) . So I'm kinda jelly 

And we can't order cheap parts from US either because of the terrible toll prices on most electronics. If only there was ebay.ro or amazon.ro xD