I'm really confused about bitlocker [solved]

So I have a USB drive that I encrypted with bitlocker back when I had windows 7 but now I have windows 10 and I want to switch to a better encryption program which can aslo work with linux. The only problem is that I need to unencrypt the drive first before I reencrypt it but I can't find out how to do that. I have read numerous guides online and none of them worked for me. It's almost like bitlocker isn't installed on my machine.

To remove bitlocker encryption you can follow this guide


What version of windows 10 do you have? Are you able to access the data at all?

Yeah that didn't work. It says it doesn't recognize the command. I have windows 10 home edition which after a bit of research I found out that it doesn't have bitlocker but windows 7 home edition does which is stupid. I do have access to the data because for some reason it still prompts me for the bitlocker password when I plug it in I just can't access the data on my linux laptop

It may be easier to just copy the data off, format it and encrypt it with whatever you want to use, then put th data back on.

Yeah i looked at that. They probably include the ability to read bitlocker drives but not manage them.

Have a look at this for accessing botlocker in linux

It uses dislocker. Just keep in mind dislocker might not be 100% fool proof.

edit: actually yeah, @Dexter_Kane's solution, you have read access, to copy the data off and format the drive.

ok yeah I just did what @Dexter_Kane said and it worked so thanks for all the help