I'm planning to downgrade my 3570k to a G3258. What do you think?

I'm pairing the G3258 with the ASUS Maximus VII Gene. I'm doing this in preparation of the 5th gen Intel CPUs. Do you think this is a good move? lol

Hell No, Why would you get a slider when you already have the deluxe burger? lol If i were you good sir i would just wait for broadwell that would be an excellent jump for you than to jump on Devil's Canyon.


Yeah... 3570k is still a top-tier gaming CPU and I see absolutely no reason to switch to a Pentium AE.

See what new CPU generations bring, and if there's something that you think is a big enough performance improvement to warrant an upgrade, upgrade. But don't downgrade, the 3570k is a great CPU. I have one and it handles everything I throw at it (I only have a single 7950 though).


Yeah that would be quite foolish. Sorry but the Pentium is kinda crap. Yeah it is fine in most games but in other areas it is actually slower than an Athlon 760k...

Really I'd hold on. TBH I don't think the Broadwell CPUs will bring much to the table except better performance per watt. I'd just skip Broadwell all together and wait for Skylake or whatever it is.