Im not really sure if this is a good deal but here goes

Fx 8150 with liquid cooler on newegg for 169.99. Ive been looking around for one of these and i just happened to notice newegg has some.

Well, normally a liquid cooler alone would set you back at least $60, so the way I see it, you're getting the FX for $110, which is pretty darn amazing, imo.

Agreed, I saw that myself and LOL'd. I'd say go for it. Makes life easier and combo deals are always sweet XD

The only thing is that the fx-8150 really isn't that good of a processor.  Once the fx 8150 is ranked at 76th and the fx 8350 is ranked at 41st.  Thats a decent difference.

I wouldn't put too much weight in synthetic benchmarks, and cpubenchmark is about as synthetic as they get. Piledriver is only about 7% - 10% faster than Bulldozer base solely on IPC. The rest of the discrepancy is due to higher clock speeds, and they will OC about the same. And it really bugs me when people still blindly say Bulldozer isn't that good of a CPU. There is no such thing as bad hardware, just bad prices. The over ambitious $230 launch price is a big reason for the flack, and I'd agree, Bulldozer is not good at that price point, but at $110 it's a very different story.

Well if i had found the fx 8350 on sale from 250 marked down to 169 with a water cooler i would have gotten it.  And according to the 8150 still beats the i5-3570k.

I doubt the 8150 beats the i5 very highly. Considering an 8350 barely does, and bulldozer was kinda suck.