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I'm not getting any levels out of my mic what should I try?


Why isn’t there a microphone section?

I got a sterling audio ST151 the other day, and yesterday an xlr cable. Only thing is I’m not getting bullshitout of the mic. Not on the monitor channel, not on main out, and not on speaker.

I bet its the wire, and thats what I’ll check first as I have no question that I have a good enough amp to drive this mic, in which case yay more driving.

What should I check first? Perhaps I’ll just pick everything up and go down and use one of guitar center’s amps too to see if thats the issue…

idk peavy xr400b never bitched before, I hope its not the problem.

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Well, the mic needs 48V phantom power and a quick search for the peavy didn’t give me the impression that it can provide that. Though i din’t search very good, nor did i find the official page for that thing.



I agree with @RageBone - no sign of any phantom power option in peavey mixer
can get a phantom power supply unit to use condenser mic

Or use a dynamic mic that does not require phantom power
spcifications for mixer shows xlr input for mic has over 70dB of gain, so should have no problem with most dynamic microphones



You know whats really annoying is I’we been operating under the assumption that my mixer had phantom power, and has in fact worked fine in the past with other audio gear.

I was reading through the book and I was like ‘wait theres like nothing crazy to this ur just retarded’

Guess I’m off to get an inline power box lol.




yea, no problem.

For some reason, everytime i have a problem that i can’t solve, i manage to solve it in the next 5mins after posting a cry for help somewhere.
so i guess we all have some kind of that phenomenon : )



Yeah teeny Q’s like this normally go on irc, but thats all tech shit and easy to find experts on lol.