I'm new Ubuntu (all linux) and I need help with drivers

I just built my new desktop for work with ubuntu (19.04). I have a WD Blue solid State 500 gigs and HDD 2TB so my OS is on the SSD but I want to use the HHD for everything else so how do I make sure everything is saved on it from now on. But, not sure what not to put on it because I want use this machine for work and virtual machines.

How do I download the drivers for MSI B450 Tomahawk because the website doesn’t have Ubuntu listed. I have not done anything else since installing the OS not even programing the graphics card or putting the disk in for my mouse or keyboard because I want to make sure I don’t want mess anything up because this my first doing dual-drivers so what should I do. \

I’m using a Ryzen 7 on a MSI B450 tomahawk mother board with 16 gigs of RAM and a Gigabyte Radeon RX 570. I built this machine to use for work and virtual machines

You’ve not been very specific here

If by “everything” you mean your home directory then just use usermod (see man usermod)

As mobo drivers you shouldn’t need them, just use foss linux drivers.

Drivers shouldn’t be needed in your case. Mainboard should be fine and Drivers for the RX570 come with the kernel. So no need to do anything.

Keyboard and mouse don’t have drivers in Linux. They work out of the box. Any feature that doesn’t won’t. There are some projects for Roccat, Razer and Logitech mice, but overall, you won’t get configurability under Linux. You either like the defaults or you’re SOL. Some Devices save a profile on device. They can be configured using Windows and will retain their configuration.

As for storage:
Hard to know what’s needed. The “common” thing to do, is having your root on the SSD and put individual directorys on the HDD. Common options for that would be /home, /var, /opt.
If you’ve set your SSD up as the only drive already, you can just mount your HDD to any folder. Linux is rather flexible when it comes to that.
Just create an empty folder somewhere where Data goes that should be on the HDD. Create a corresponding Folder on the HDD (if you need more than one space) and mount it into the folder (the ubuntu wiki on Mounts and the fstab is really good. Take a look there if needed).

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i meant for saving things and installing others like virtual machines and pictures, work documents, and others

how do I do that for the HDD, and what about the graphics card I know I should install the drivers on the SSD I just cant get them on the motherboards website because they dont have ubuntu listed. Also should I download the virtual machines on the SSD or the HDD

The way I deal with multiple drives in Linux may not be the “correct” way but it is effective.

I set them as a folder within my /home directory.

In my case I have a the following:

  • 525GB SSD / (root)
  • 1.1TB SSD home/user/Games (steam library)
  • 1TB HDD home/user/Data (GDrive, Torrents)

This makes things simple for me as I know how to get to my stuff (I primarily use GUI) Permissions are simple and it’s easy to point programs to these drives like Steam for instance that sees my games folder/drive as just part of the home folder.

This could work well for your use case as telling the VM to use the larger drive is a simple as telling it to use a folder in the home folder.

A simple howto:

Make a folder in your home folder lets call it stuff. Then using “disk” select the drive, make the partition and call it stuff Then edit mount options. (Cog icon)

  • User session Defaults X (off)
  • Mount at start up - Yes
  • Show in user interface - Yes
  • identify As LABEL=Stuff
  • Mount point /home/“your user name”/Stuff

Click OK and reboot, fingers crossed when you check your home folder the Stuff folder will have a small icon of a drive. If you right-click on it and check properties it will show it’s the size of the drive you set.

This whole thing is done in the GUI no command line Fu needed.

This may help others with multiple drives that are having difficulties getting their head around the issue that Linux and Windows are not the same. Expecting them to be the same may cause problems. (like asking how to install drivers :wink: )

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don’t forget to get the padoka ppa for latest drivers xserver drivers for radeon.

Unless I’m super behind and the drivers just in standard repo now.

You don’t. What do you need drivers for?

Same thing.

19.04 should just work out of the box on your hardware.