Im new to the pc world and looking to bulid a gaming rig

I know some about computers but I feel that I need a few points in the right direction. My budget is about 700 - 800. Im looking to get the best for money. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

700-800 in what currency? And what are you looking to do with the PC and what games would you like to play...also do you need a monitor, periferals or an Os in the price?

 i would start with this as a guide with a asus mb 990fx, 6 core, 660ti, 8gb ram ($726) msi 990fx mb 6core 7950 8gb ram ($741)

For both builds i would wait for the rebate $ and then buy a nice heat sink

will you need to include an os in the build and do you need a monitor/ keyboard-mouse?