Im new to PC

So I'm new to PC gaming. i just bought a Lower end gaming pc but i bought a R9 270 and a new PSU. i mean i just wanna know that hey Im making the switch, i was going to get a Xbox One but i decided that Mabye PC might offer something better? yes?

I guess its okay.

It really depends on what you're going to do. My opinion is if its only gaming a console will be enough but if you wanna work on the PC, OC it as well as play in glorious frame rates and resolution then PC. So yea more or less depends on what you're going to do.

PS. PS4 rules all you PC and Xbox users can kneel down to the superior PS4....



so yea :P

yes , the 270 is good for 1080p 

Try some pc games,  enjoy the mouse and skype ,

And please cleanse your friends of the peasant filth ! :D ( just joking )

Enjoy fps games with a mouse and keyboard. Its more satisfying playing without auto aim

and look at all dem pixels and graphics

its a good card for 1080p gaming. We are a community thats part of the #pcmasterrace #allhailgaben stuff. For the PC, it all depends on what you are going to use it for. I for one use my pc for just about everything. I use it for gaming, web surfing, e-mail, office, etc, etc since I havent owned a console since the ps2/xbox1 days. If your going full on #pcmasterrace then Steam, Humble Bundle, and Good Old Games are your best bet to get your games.

Im not to Picky, i want to have atleast 30FPS on most games, also i want those Damn shadders for minecraft!! UGH! lol tit turns minecraft froma computer friendly game into a Graphics hungry monster lol but whats good is that im getting 7FPS AVG with realy good latency wiith My A6 lol


Lol i use Xpadder with an Old Xbox 360 Controller for Minecraft :P