I'm new to pc gaming


Iv got Planetside 2, Team Fortress 2, Age of Empires 3 and Minecraft and i want more games, prefferably they need to be free and need to have a decent amount of gameplay included

Hit me with your best shot!



Blacklight: Retrobution

Zombie panic source

Black Mesa

cant really think of too much off the top of my head right now

Games i like are: borderlands, skyrim, league of legends (a free option), bad company 2 is fun, unreal tournament (fun to play bots and with friends), portal, crysis warhead. Farcry 3 is awesome, the 2nd was horrible though.

If you like space combat you can pick up Freespace 2 from GOG for like $4.99. Then you can head over to http://www.hard-light.net and check out all the mods. They've done a really great job bringing that engine up to speed.

There's even some free total conversions you can download like Diaspora.



Black Mesa is a great free game (Half Life remake)


Oh, speaking of space games there is also Sins of a Solar Empire, not very costly, but the game is great.


Thanks Guys, This will set me straight!



By the way, welcome to the awesome side.

Ummm Lets see you got Battlefield play 4 free, that is all I can name because teebler named the rest. You always go torrents for single player games. If you don't like torrenting then pick old games that the dev don't care about. GTA SA, oblivion and more.

One thing you may want to look into is PCSX2 V1.0 Its a PS2 emulator that works very well you can even up the resolution to 1080P for PS2 gaming on a whole new level.

Here is my PC running PS2 in way higher resolution:






Definitely check out Hawken! My favorite Free-to-play game. It's a mech combat shooter. Gameplay is very fun and feels competative without feeling like you have to pay to win. Graphics and special effects look great. Amazing looking evironments as well. And a good number of mech to choose from. You do have to buy most of them, but the developers always do promotions where you can test drive some mechs for a week or so.