Im new to metal, Any similar to Dream Theater?


Im getting bored to be honest of rock like huskey rescue and cat power etc...

Was listening to amon armath the other day and was like . Then found dream theater and was like this is epic.

I really dont know hardly any metal bands, only started listening like a week ago.

Dream Theater - Panic attack FTW

Panic attack ? how about panic at the mother fucking disco btches lol totally kick ass music not i perfer this

WTF lol

Ahh, Think they are a bit gay but , pretty schweet inepicness

TO be honest im not too gone on screemo. SOmetimes it s alright

Check out disillusion you may like them.

they are progressive metal

ddg is metal core

Anyoe here heard of holly wood undead RAPCORE FTW

power metal GTFO

Kruiz? anyone? Russian Speed Metal?

Edit: did i just say that Kruiz is similar to Dream Theater?

Yeah this is something mor my style cheers

my fave metal band is TOOL, check out albums aenima and lateralus, if you like a bit depth and complication with your metal these guys are the shiiiiiat. but if u liking dream theatre you could try some opeth? opeth have a lot of variation in their music you might like one song and then the next you wont even know its them.

Try these bands: Liquid Tension Experiment, Symphony X and Pain of Salvation.Â
In my ears they sound similar as Dream Theater.

The closest band I've found to Dream Theater is Dreamscape.

The albums 5th Season and End of Silence are awesome. They're both on Spotify. HIGHLY recommended.

Dream Theater

You need some more brutality.

Here take this.

Yeh, that video was rather brutal :P