I'm new to Anime

Okay so I'm not really new to anime.  I've only seen Dragon ball Z,  Evangelion, Spice and Wolf, and just started watching Cowboy Bebop.  Oh yea, I've also seen a little bit of Full Metal Alchemist but stopped because I had to cancel my Netflix subscription.  I think its important to mention that I watched DBZ a long time ago, didn't like Evangelion, enjoyed Spice and Wolf, Full Metal Alchemist is cool, and not sure how I feel about Cowboy Bebop.  So can you guys suggest some Anime to me.  Just throw anything at me and I'll check them out.  

Can you also suggest some Anime movies too.  I've seen Akira, Porco Rosso, Summer Wars, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, and Howl's Moving Castle.  Thanks.

Well you have alot to choose from and depending on what genres of anime you would want to watch. I would recommend mirai nikki even though I havent finished the anime myself, I have read the manga and I enjoyed it, you could check out soul eater, Hellsing, me personally I read manga more than I watch anime, I am starting to get back into anime, but others that you could check out that I havent finished or watched but are supposed to be good are, full metal panic, devil may cry, claymore (have read the manga), Elfen lied (have read the manga), another (have read the manga). hope these will help you find something you like.

Hmm, I'll check them out.  Thanks Iñaki

No problem I just threw out some you could check out.

You should check out Naruto, Bleach and all movies from Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited away, Totoro, Ponyo etc.) 

You should definitly watch Hellsing! 

Other anime that's good is Elfen Lied, Ghost in the Shell and Ergo Proxy. 

I liked Air Gear and Sunabouzu. 

And a tip, search for similar animes that you like on anidb.net, you will find a ton!

radom series tips.  Attack on titan , space dandy , berzerker , elven lied and hellsing ultimate okay the normal hellsing is go 2

Man I wish you could list more so I could get a better understanding of what you like..But here goes I am just gonna randomly pull some anime from my list..

Maybe Baki the Grappler,Baccano!,Death Billiards,Fractale,Gungrave,Kamisama Hajimemashita,One Outs,Shigurui,Tokyo Godfathers,Usagi Drop,Utawarerumono..

And as always HERE is my list..Dig through it and find your gold..

edit: I also watch my anime at anilinkz..kissanime library is expanding as well..

i recommend deadman wonderland, steins gate, death note, 5 centimeters per second

I liked Mirai Nikki, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Bleach and the Gundam Series (although Gundam is not for everyone)

here is a small list 


-ghost in a shell (it could be a bit full on for u)

-another (that 3rd ep)

-black lagoon 

-gurren lagann (you can skip ep 4)

-hajime no ippo (its a bit long at +60eps)

-durarara!! (some people love it some h8 it)

-berserk (its a little old but wow good stuff)


-5cm per second


Ive only started watching anime but can recommend: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo / The pet girl of Sakurasou, To aru no majatsu No index, Code Geass, Guilty Crown and Sword Art Online.Have a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdETBXjtzRg

Movies: Ghost in the Shell, Ninja Scroll, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, X.

Shows: Trigun, Big-O, Soul Eater, Ghost in the Shell, Desert Punk. 

i would also suggest Dragon Ball Kai. it is an HD remaster of DBZ that has new voice recording, new music, and is heavily edited to cut ALLLL the fat, and make it more like the manga.

long story short, DBZ had so much filler because Toei animation got ahead of the manga, so they had to stall so Akira Toyiyama could write the next chapter. that is why there were episodes of nothing but powering up lol. Kai cuts all that. much more streamlined, and looks gorgeous. the english dub (which i prefer) is up the cell saga. japan just started airing the buu saga a few months ago.



i have yet to watch 5cm per second. but i love mokoto shinkai! i bought the mokoto shinkai collection like 8ish years ago? i loved "Voices of a Distant Star" and "The Place Promised in our Early Days"

why don't u take a look at this once Gokukoku no Brynhildr

id also recommend movies : Paprika, Perfect Blue, and Memories

"The Place Promised in our Early Days" is really good, and i probs would have put it im my list but it can be a little hard to follow.

i hadn't watched "Voices of a Distant Star" but after seeing your post i checked it out. thank you was really good, and brought a tear to my eye

Just a random list

-Dennou Coil

-The Daily Lives of High School Boys


-Bodacious Space Pirates

-Library Wars

-Kino's Journey



-Project A-Ko




-Time of Eve

-Dominion Tank Police

-Birdy the Mighty: Decode


-Royal Space Force: Wing of Honneamise

-Tegami Bachi

Any of the Studio Ghibli movies.

Take a look at Nisekoi, Anohana, Sakurasou no pet na kanojo, and kyoukai no kanata. These are my personal favorites. They are sure to make you laugh and cry (except for nisekoi) ;D

All in all they are AWESOMEEE

Edit: add Toradora in there



Steins Gate

Death Note

Attack on Titan

Gurren Lagann

Note Steins gate will rape your brain but it was awesome just got done watching it all a second time.