Im new...need help! Gaming PC under $650

Title explains it all and i would like for a gaming pc under $650 that could run all games on ultra or High and yes i would like a GPU

If you're willing to go up to $700, this build is pretty sweet. If not, just go with this build. You're not going to be running every game on ultra but most games should play fine

this is the best i could do you should be able to play BF3 an ultra between 40-60 fps ($663 before shiping, $677 with shiping, and $647 after shiping and rebates.)

if you can find a cheaper power supply take that exstra money and upgrade your ram to something with better timings. and you'll have to find a dvd rom or install your OS via usb

and i tried to do an intel build first but i couldn't get it under buget with out using crap parts.,3148-6.html

MB (crossfire /sli ready)







A HD 7770 will not play games on ultra nor high @ 1080p

WTF? I'm sure I already posted a response in this thread... The fuck happened to it? 

W/E I'll repost the build