I'm moving out, I want a Home Server! D:

Hey Guys, I'm going to be moving out within the next month or so, and with that I pay my own electricity bills and won't get slaughered leaving someone turned on 24/7, and that mean my own home / file / web server. It's something I've wanted to do for a while yet no really got around to it.

My basic needs of what I wish to do is make my PC & Laptop backup to the server automatically, File hosting of all my media on a RAID5 array for a little data redundancy. I can also use this for hosting website and e-mail address, something which I like messing around with a lot. 

Basic actual needs for this system is fast data sharing so fast hard drives I guess, I want to have the best (least) power usage possible from this system, keeping the bills down you know ;). I have a few spare components kicking around the house at the moment which I could utilise, a Pentium Dual Core E6600, a 1.66GHz Celeron Dual Core (both LGA775). A mATX Gigabyte motherboard, a generic (refurbished) 7200RPM hard drive [500GB].

I havn't set a budget for this build, but if I had too it would be around £500 excluding the RAID controller, if needed. Should I use one of these spare processors or get a XEON? Any advice will be great appreciated. 

A while back I had created a FreeNAS server with an old IBM (when I say old I mean old) and it wroked quite well. But for I have been wanting to get my hands on a Rasberry Pi to use that instead. Basically the thing is tiny computer, whith plenty of power to run a NAS OS of sometype (even Ubuntu server) and it has a USB port to plug the hard drive bay of choice into.

I dont know if this would actually work, but if it did, and if all you wanted to do was use it for file storage/backup it should work very good for that purpose. 

get a ivy i3 they are 55w and have speed step so they scale down to use even less, get a z75 or z77 mobo to undervolt it and turn off any PLL stuff, and 1 2GB stick of DDR3 should be enough 1.35v, and scale back the fans on the heatsink since it won't be gennerating much anyway

I would recommend not getting green drives because they'll fail

you won't even need a 150w PSU for this system, just make sure you have enough sata power connectors

Nice. I'll look around later with your advice and see if I can come up with a system. Any case recomendations with plenty of hard drive bays / No need for optical.


or you could get the xeon e3-1220L-v2, which is a 17w dualcore at 2.3ghz


That looks pretty darn good at 17W. I'll look into it, thanks.


If this is just for backing up and saving random files, then any dual core CPU will work fine. I would recommend just using an mdadm RAID array with decent 7200RPM hard drives.

I have an X3450 Xeon based server that use to have no hardware raid controller in it, and with an mdadm RAID10 the write speeds were the same as with an LSI 9260-8i. Even with a RAID5 you will still be able to max out a gigabit connection. I strongly recommend that you do not use the fake RAID provided by your motherboard and definitely stay away from Windows RAID as well.

Here's what I would buy for a simple storage server using mdadm:

Any Core i3 (dual core w/ hyperthreading)

4GB 1333MHz RAM (get 8GB if it's really cheap, might as well overkill it)

4x 1 or 2TB 7200RPM Seagate Barracuda's

Any reliable 60GB SSD for the OS (FreeNAS, Debian, etc.)


If you get a hardware RAID controller you should be looking at enterprise drives because they have TLER and won't drop out of the RAID array if they fail to read/write data.


For the hard drive. You can use Laptop drives. They don't even need much power.