I'm looking for a numpadless mechanical keyboard with macros

I'm looking for a numpadless mechanical keyboard with a row of programmable keys on the left side of the keyboard.
I prefer a backlit keyboard, but at the moment I would just be happy to find one that actually has such a layout.

I'm looking for something minimalistic but with that one extra.

Something like this

Any help would be amazing, thank you!

I'm not sure if that exists exactly.

You could just get a 12 button mouse like the Utech Venus and set the macros to that with a tiny keyboard.

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Yea, the thought of one is actually pretty interesting, unfortunately I'm coming up with nothing. The way I see it you have 2 options. Find a semi compact full keyboard, or get a 10 keyless and get an external numpad so you can set macros to them.

That's not necessarily true considering ASUS's new keyboard they announced at computex. they made a 10 key-less Cherry MX keyboard that has a separate numberpad add-on that you can add to either side of the keyboard. so if you want the numb pad you can have it. or if you want a set of macro switches you can.

A Tenkeyless with mecro keys? Tall order. The Mad Catz Strike 7 sort of does that:

It's a modular design so you can remove the keypad, but you also have to remove the middle rows as well. I've also heard bad things about it's durability and quality, so ymmv. It's also not exactly a minimalistic design lol.

Then there's the AZiO Mech5:


Similar to the Mad Catz, but only the numpad comes off and it has a more traditional G-Key stack. Kinda pricey, and I've not really heard anything about it quality wise, so do some research. It's also not very minimal either.

Those are the only two I was aware of, but google turned up this one which looks closer to what you are probably wanting:

But it's an alibaba ad for a supplier out of China I imagine, and you have to order in bulk. It is more minimalistic though...

There aren't many options out there afaik for what you are looking for.

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Nice find @WhiskeyRanger though you're right Alibaba is making you have to buy in bulk, which sucks. Maybe check and see if someone has it in the states. Ebay perhaps?

Thanks @all for your quick replies.
That Alibaba one looks perfect, nice find :D

I'll have a look if I can find it anywhere else, the problem is, I need a german keyboard layout, so that's going to be fun :D

I’ll keep searching, as well, of course. I’ll tell you, in case I find something, but it looks like I probably have to stick to either full minimalistic or full size… :confused:

@geekenthusiast Thanks for the message, I actually didn’t manage to find what I’m looking for and settled on the CM Storm (the one without the numpad). So no macros but nice and minimalistic.

@Dynamic_Gravity Just wanted to say I’m still here :smiley:

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Locked due to necro. Thanks for the post @geekenthusiast but the OP has likely moved on after 3 years.