I'm looking for a new graphics card for gaming at around 400-500$ lower if possible but no higher

the card i have now is an asus 7870 and im getting really bad frame rates on metro last light and far cry 3 soo im looking for a card that can do the job and hopefully max out the settings or come close too on most games. thank you if you can help :)

probly a 770 or a 280x. any preferences AMD vs. Nvidia?

Well with Metro and Far Cry 3 are not very well optimized games, they will tax your CPU more than you GPU which is why game performance can be terrible, but if you are really wanting a GPU the get an Asus 770 DCUII

Get this : http://tinyurl.com/le632pl + http://tinyurl.com/l82gf6o

i dont have any preferences witch ever one is best 

my cpu is an amd 8350 black edition would that be whats causing my game to be laggy? 

The CPU does have a slight roll in it, but that being said you shouldn't go out and try to get a new CPU, a good new graphics card should give a moderate performance boost

Okay, I'm sorry but dude, no. Kiaxa, the 8350 for games is the BEST for the money. (Emphasis on "For the money") The GPU is the one pulling the weight in this fight, He would benefit by a new GPU 10x more than a New CPU.

I'm not going to argue about this, but metro and far cry leverage single core performance. I also really like the 8350

For the OP's situation I recommend a GTX 770

And I also wasn't recommending he get a new CPU,

Yes, that is in fact what I suggested :P

thanks man this has actually helped alot :)


thanks man you have both helped alot :) 

Why the 4GB and backplate? I think you should clarify the backplate will only make a real difference in the looks department. The 4GB of GDDR5 will only come into play if it is used in an SLI setup with another 4GB card.