I'm interested in Litecoin

I currently have an obsession with cryptocurrency due to the fact that I'am soon going to be attending college and dorming. Leaving my Computer on at home and mining seems like a no-brainier to me.

My current specs are 

i7 2600k 

Corsair 650 hx PSU(The original one, not the revamped and newer ones.

and most importantly a Sapphire Dirt 3 edition 6950 2gb, I unfortunately can not shader unlock.

Right now I know that my current rig is not enough to make a large profit by any means but this seems like an interesting thing to spend some time in.  

I'm willing to invest into something like a 7970ghz or a R9 290 

I don't have any intentions in mining Bitcoins because its far to hard for me to make a profit without buying something like an ASIC Mining Card.

I have been lurking and researching this topic for quite a while now and I would like to hear your opinion on this.

If i said or done something that irritates you, I apologize in advance for my ignorance.

What exactly are you asking?

Hello Phantom, I have seen you quite a bit in this forum,

I'll get to the point, I want to get to know your personal opinion on whether or not I should stick with my current rig or leap on the investment of a 7970ghz or a R9 290

I know that I can get a better Hashrate with the Newer AMD cards but I don't know how the market fluctuates.

Using a Litecoin Calculator that I found online it seems I can get around $1,700 annually with my current Videocard and around $3,500 with a 7970ghz.

To me, there is no way it can just be this easy and there must be some sort of flaw.  

The difficulty only goes up with time.

Almost all calculators don't take that change into account.

So as more people are joining in on mining the harder is is to mine correct?

Or it is something that just changes?

Well, there's that... But the system has a difficulty number that increases every time a block of coin is found. Even if you were the only one mining, it just get's harder.


This is the calculator that I use. I find it to be very accurate. With my current set up, with 2x 7950s, I get about 1100KH/s.

The difficulty increased today. So that will get me about 15 dollars per day, as of now. 

I appreciate you taking the time to explain that to me.


Thanks for the info, I guess i'll just get started to see how my luck fares.