I'm in the business of making my first computer

What resolution are you playing at or how many monitors

did not know that! thank you! . also thankyou for all of the help. i really really appreciate it. 

thankyou very much everyone!


No problem. Have fun with the build :D

No problem man!  This is what I live for: helping noobs like me build PCs at 2 AM.

One more thing, if you are sure you will not be getting another graphics card, then you should get a lower wattage PSU--probably a 550W.  However, if you think you might upgrade and get another 770 down the road, stick with the one you chose.  Just be careful if you do change...the one you chose is excellent, but, just as an example, the same company that sells that one also sells some very low quality power supplies (specifically their CX series).

Basically, people tend to overlook power supplies, as no one says, "OMG! My PSU runs BF3 like a b0ss!".  There really isn't one thing to look for when chosing them (as with many other parts), so the best way to find out if your power supply will burn down your house or not is to ask around and take advice from experienced people.