I'm in the business of making my first computer

I'm quite new to the world high end pc gaming and i've been thinking about making my very first gaming pc. I was just wondering what people thought of it. 




corsair vengeance 2x8gb


samsung 840 series ssd 

WD 1tb ssd 

CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX750M 750W

coolermaster 212 hyper evo

ASUS blu-ray/DVD combo drive 

and a fractal design R4.


it will most likely be quite a while before i get all the money for this build. i'm just wondering how everyone would think it would run. e.g. what types of games & what quality they would be in. 

also just a general critique of wheter or not it will be a good rig. 


thank you very much to everyone in advance! 

Well if it will be quite a while before you buy these components, I suggest you don't start looking now. In a matter of months things can change drastically. However, If you're going to be gaming, 8 GB of RAM is more than enough. This build will max out anything you throw at it, no doubt about it. But the GTX 780 GPU is meant for multi montior setups. I would suggest going for a high-end GTX 770 or a high-end HD 7970. Take a look at the MSI lightning versions of both of these GPU's

^ What he said.  There are new releases coming out left and right.  If you're waiting for a good 8 months, then your build will probably look drastically different.  If you're waiting a month, I don't think it will change much.

What kind of budget are you looking at?  You probably don't want to save up for the next 5 years... More expensive isn't always better :P

i can spend up to 1500 or so. 


i was wondering if the 770 would run everything on max settings. 

If you're playing on a single monitor 1080p it will max out anything you throw at it. It's a very solid card.

Build looks good, I've never been a fan of 212 Hyper Evos.... don't know why everyone gets them.  Last time I priced a 1TB SSD it was 2,500... have fun with that.  Pretty sure Western Digital doesn't even make SSD :P

Alright.  By the way, http://pcpartpicker.com/ is awesome for keeping track of your parts list.

What monitor are you looking at getting?  IIRC, the gtx780 is suited for ABOVE 1080p (e.g. 1440p and maybe 1600p) and/or multi-monitor setups, as you'll get insanely high fps at 1080p resolution.  If you are going to use a 1080p monitor, you can definitely save some money by buying a gtx770.  There are some other things you have to look out for with monitors, but we'll deal with that after you decide what resolution.


yeah i know that can happen lol. but what could happen within the next 4-5 months? and the reason i want to get the most power out of this is i'm pretty sure i wont be able to make another computer for quite a while. i mean unless i get a way better paying job lol 

lol damn you. i hate making typos

yeah as of right now i just have one monitor at 1920x1080 i couldnt even play on multiple monitors lol. i've seen them before i couldnt get used to it 

Are you sticking with that 1920x1080?  If so, get a 770 and save ~$200.  I've heard the higher resolutions are nice, but it's all preference.

to be honest i don't think i would see much of a difference with higher resolution anyway. and later down the road i could add another graphics card if i had a problem anyway right? 


Yes, if you decided to get a higher resolution monitor, you could do what they call "SLI" (or "CrossFire" for Radeon cards) which basically means 2 or more graphics cards.

This may be your first build, but do you plan on overclocking?  It runs your cpu, ram, and/or gpu faster, but requires better cooling and more power (but the power is not much of an issue).  If done correctly, and most people do it correctly, its a nice performance boost.

i want to get the 4670k just in case i do end up overclocking someday. i've done a whole bunch of reasearch on this stuff but i feel like i'll be a novie until i actually get into doing it. would the hyper evo suffice for cooling the cpu? or wuld you go with liquid cooling? 

I would stick with a quality air cooling solution... they work better, easier to maintain, and less of a pain to deal with. Plus, my heatsink isn't going to spring a leak and fry my computer.  Just get something big with big quiet fans and make sure it fits in your computer.  I can't tell you how tired I am right now, so forgive me for being blunt... but unless you're going to spend a lot of time making a custom watercooling loop, just buy a huge ass piece of metal and stick it on your cpu with some fans blowing on it haha.  Hyper Evo would be good for a little overclocking.  If you want to do a ton of overclocking, like A TON, then you'll want something better than a Hyper Evo.  My cpu barely breaks a sweat sitting at 47c max in a stress test. Mainly because I have a Noctua NH-D14 on it... things gigantic.  Even have my i5 3570k sitting pretty at 4.2GHz.  

Basically... little overclock, little heatsink.... big overclock, big heatsink.

Sorry if I'm too sleepy for this to make sense.


This is what I would get. I improved the motherboard a bit for better preformance and got a 770 instead of a 780. You still have over a 100 bucks left over, so use it on games or something :p You could also get watercooling instead of the hyper 212 evo.

I'd probably look at more answers than mine for this, as I'm not really experienced in cooling, but the hyper evo 212 probably won't let you do much overclocking.  Liquid cooling is sort of a matter of preference.  High-end, expensive custom water loops are the best.  However, your average mid to high air and liquid coolers are about on par and probably what you are looking for.  I'm a fan of the PH-tc14pe, but that's ~$80 and only good if you want to overclock alot.  Again, get other opinions.

He would be better off with a NH-D14 than a PH-TC14pe for the same price... just as long as he doesn't mind the fugly fans on it haha

what do you think about the evga 770superclock?

The MSI Lightning is the best GTX 770 out there. Best cooling and is the quietest.