I'm in need of some logo design art

Before I go to 99 designs or Fiverr I wanted to see if anyone on the Tek Syndicate forums wanted to get some work doing a logo for a charity LAN I'm organizing. I need a logo, poster art and some background art. I don't need anything this minute and I'd rather take my time and work with the artist to get it right.

And yes, this is paid work.

any general idea of what the logo would look like?

I'm pretty open to ideas but it's a LAN, in San Francisco, for charity. Any way to integrate those together in a design is a step in the right direction. I want it to be more on the busy side, no silhouette of hands cupping a heart with some lettering around it. I definitely want some color.

ok can i get a logo back to you tomorrow to see if you like it? and what charity is it for? any specific games?

Awesome. Nothing is set in stone yet but I figured there would be 6v6 TF2 tournament, Unreal or Quake, some MOBA, as yet to be determined speed-run tournament. Planning on donating to Child's Play and the EFF.

Got a name? I might have a gander at making a quick logo.

And tabletop gaming.

Yeah thats an important detail I guess, LAN Francisco.

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Oh dear, it's so cheesy! haha

Apologies for the attempted Golden Gate bridge thing. I'm British and know nothing about SF.

Got some Ideas, will send you an example within an hour or so.

Go with this guys. he is doing good.

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I can't really make it, but maybe take and GG bridge and make the road a LAN cable?; adding the naming scheme in somewhere?

Argh. The curve on the top of the bridge structure needs a lot of cleanup, but here's an idea maybe . . .

... of course colors, fonts, etc can change

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I really like the one @Zavarrr did, though the A in LAN could be orange, or that rust orange, whatever they call that colour.

Being from that crazy side of California, please tell us where this LAN party is! I'll see if I can go, sounds like fun, though I play none of those games.

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Same colour as the Golden Gate bridge.


Nice. Simple. Clean. I'm diggin it.

The spacing between the N and F look awkward. Damn it looks nice though.

Think this looks better?

Yeah. The spacing looks better to me.