I'm in need of a KVM Switch

Hello everyone, I'm new to TekSyn Forums, so I hope I got the right category. I was looking around at KVM Switches and had a few questions. I've worked with them slightly, enough to know how to use them, but I don't know enough about them to decide which ones to buy...

I need help finding a KVM Switch that I can plug at least 4 computers in.
So one monitor, keyboard, and mouse, that controls 4 computers.
I would love to have a switch that can do up to 8 computers.
But I got a few questions about KVM Switches...

What are those KVM Switches that have the 8 VGA Ports, the 8 PS/2 Keyboard Ports, and the 8 PS/2 Mouse Ports?
Also, what are those KVM Switches that have nothing but Ethernet Ports?

Wouldn't I only need like, 8 DVI Connectors (or VGA) and 2 USB Ports?
Would I need a KVM Switch that has 8 Ethernet Ports? How would that work?

This KVM Switch is going to be used as a computer building station. Build one, plug up one, start imaging, and build the second, start imaging. I would want to be able to monitor each PC as I so desire.

Also, a brief side note. I've been a member of the LTT Forums for a while, but I've watched both channels for a long time. I got referred over here for any of my business related questions. I'm starting a new business, but, I imagine the CoC is about the same here so I can't advertise that to you.

Also... Someone from LTT gave me a link to a KVM Switch that looks like it would do me fine, but I would love to see if I can find a better one, or even more ports.

And thank you for all your help in advance.

I've always found newegg reviews helpful when it comes to picking out new gear: http://www.newegg.com/KVM-Switches/SubCategory/ID-143?Order=RATING

A lot of the switches will have proprietary (i.e. the ones with "ethernet" ports to carry the input and video data. Those will come with adapters) which is something to keep in mind if you go the used/ebay route as they can be either expensive to replace or really hard to find.

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Well, say this for example.

That first port is what I'd plug my monitor, keyboard, and mouse into correct?
Then the 8 ports after that, I would have one of those fancy cables that have a VGA and both PS/2 connectors, going from the switch to the computer, practically all as one cable? Am I seeing this correctly?

@wendell @DeusQain I suggested to @moondrelor over on LTT that you two would likely be better sources of information concerning this this sort of thing.

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You are correct on the first (grey colored) port and then the rest of the ports would connect to each computer you wished to control.

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